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Sailor BabO Canada takes a holiday!

Does it even matter where he went? As long as he went by boat… And stayed in style! Advertisements

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Sailor Babo celebrates the World Cup!


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Sailor Babo Visits Canyonlands and Arches

Sailor Babo wanted to check two more U.S. national parks off his list and so he headed to Moab, Utah where he got to visit two in close proximity to one another.   He found, what else, a huge canyon! … Continue reading

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Sailor Babo’s Forgotten Getaway!

At the very start of August, Sailor BabO Canada went on a little getaway from the city, and he forgot to post his pictures!  He stayed for a few days near Port Dover, a rural fishing and farming area on … Continue reading

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Sailor Babo risks his retinal stitching!

Sailor Babo heard that every hundred years or so the giant orange cookie in the sky gets dark chocolate icing all over it.  He thought that sounded tasty and wanted to check it out.I told him it was dangerous to … Continue reading

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Sailor Babo’s Playcation!

Sailor BabO Canada took a week off recently (we’re not sure “off” of what), and found some fun things to do in and around Toronto. Guess where he went? Is Babo is ready to play for the Blue Jays? Yes, … Continue reading

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Sailor Babo gets a package in the mail!

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Sailor Babo’s Winter Break

Sailor BabO Canada got tired of the cold and snow and went south to Florida for a winter break!  Guess what he did there? Here’s a hint. He caught some spring training baseball at the Toronto Blue Jays ballpark in … Continue reading

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SB in NB!

Sailor BabO Canada apologizes for being a month late in posting about his vacation to Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick (NB).  It was a fine place for a stuffie of the sea to visit! After a flight from Toronto to … Continue reading

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Sailor Babo on the Island

Sailor BabO Canada made his annual trip to the Toronto Islands for some summer rest and relaxation, and a little work at the arts retreat there. First, he relaxed in a Muskoka chair. (It’s only an “Adirondack” on the other … Continue reading

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