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Sailor Babo’s annual fall rituals!

We didn’t get many apples this year because of the drought, but a few of them outdid themselves to become the Biggest Apples Ever! Also, notice his sticker. LTSB had 17 propositions this time. He’s got a great idea, though. … Continue reading

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Sailor Babo wishes you a happy autumn!

The apple tree didn’t have many apples this year, but one of them was huge. Gotta be careful on the floor, there are giant hairy beasts!

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Sailor Babo knows it’s autumn!

The giant apples have once again taken over the LT’s backyard.   That’s my hand holding the last one. Sailor Babo wonders whether we’re going to play softball or offer it to Snow White.  

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Sailor Babo Does Science!

“Okay, I know the cats are always trying to kill each other,” says LTSB, “but I haven’t noticed an actual crime scene. So what are these swabs for?” We’re gonna do some science! Data gathering! “Cool!” Read the instructions first. … Continue reading

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LTSB’s autumn traditions

He watches baseball. Votes an absentee ballot that’s twice his size. And helps pick giant apples from his backyard. yum yum Sailor Babo wants to complain about the angle. He says you can’t see exactly how his arm could barely … Continue reading

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Sailor Babo has some complaints

Flashback to the LT living room a couple of weeks ago ——————————————————————————- *sigh* What’s wrong, Sailor Babo? Mr. LT fixed the big-ass TV so we can watch all our shows again. This is the Craig Ferguson concert mSB went to … Continue reading

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Sailor Babo goes to Reno for Worldcon!

LTSB has heard about road trips from HGSB. He thought they sounded fun.  LT told him some parts are pretty dull, but during the boring parts, we get our favorite snacks! Wow, HG and HGSB weren’t kidding about how dull … Continue reading

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Sailor Babo’s adventures in space and time!

As you know, LT Sailor Babo stays in the living room with the big TV, the videos, and the books. So he’s become quite the science fiction, fantasy, anime, and science fan. The LT’s are always going to science fiction … Continue reading

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Sailor Babo picks apples!

Please consider this a companion-piece to Sailor Babo’s corn-pickin’ adventure from a couple weeks back.

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Sailor Babo likes baseball…and voting!

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