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And my mini-rose and some wild asters are still blooming! Advertisements

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Baborui and Little Babo would like to donate!

Here are some drumbsticks for NCDB, Stone Buddha and Sailor Babo to use for their trip to see Nick Cave!

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Babos and Spartans!!!

The Babos are signaling TOUCHDOWNS!!! The Spartans are ready!!!  Let’s Go GREEN!

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Ahoy maties!

Baborui and Little Babo were allowed to pose by the biggest sunflower that Larui has ever grown. Larui was intending to harvest a few mammoth seeds for next year. Unfortunately the very day she finally brought the huge bloom down … Continue reading

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What is this place?

Is it Heaven? No, it’s pretty, but there aren’t cookies, so it can’t be Babo-Heaven. Ah, I know what it is! It is almost June and we are lying underneath a Snowdrift Flowering Crab! Sure smells good! (not as good … Continue reading

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Speaking of pancakes…

The Babos had to check out my new succulent. It is actually a member of the Kalanchoe family…and it is called a Flapjack. Yes!

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Fun guys.

The Babos went out for a walk with me. We were astounded to find these huge fungi sprouting from some tree trunks which had been cut down last year. That leaf really tickled Baborui’s nose.

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The Babos marvel at a flower in Michigan….in mid December!

Yes, my pansies are still blooming. Are we ever going to have a real winter? I like my snowstorms! 🙂 It has been very nice and mild, with good driving, I must admit. Oh, no, here comes Mr. Nosy.

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One more for Mrs. Pennyapple

I think Baborui was having a nap.  

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Thanksgiving in Ohio!

From all around the world, Babos are up to big doings. Babybaborui and Baborui made the trip from Michigan to Ohio for Thanksgiving. They spent the night at Ashlee and Ross’s house playing with Murray and Turkleton. Murray isn’t looking … Continue reading

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