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HG asks Sailor Babo to look after her grandchild

She says, “Aw, it’ll be okay! He’s so sweet and gentle. You’ll enjoy it! Give it a try!”  And then she throws me into the pit with him. Lucky for me, it stayed asleep. So I tried taking a nap … Continue reading

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Sailor Babo goes to Seattle to meet Sailor Babo!

HG and her son took me to Seattle last week! It was fun! First we went to the Seattle Art Museum. At the front we were greeted by the Hammering Man. His hammer arm is supposed to move up and … Continue reading

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Sailor Babo in San Diego

  HG has been sick all week, so she finally told me I could blog about our trip to San Diego! That makes a lot of sense, since my blog gets more hits than hers.  [HG: That’s right. Why don’t … Continue reading

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Sailor Babo Goes to the American Museum of Natural History!

As HG promised last time, we went to the American Museum of Natural History, across the street from Central Park.  We were going to see the dinosaurs and other dead animals there! We were also going to meet our WordPress … Continue reading

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Sailor Babo rides the Staten Island Ferry!

Woohoo! We’re in New York City! HG made a scarf for me and told me I should wear it while we were there.  She said we were going to ride the ferry and see New York Harbor, and it’s really … Continue reading

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Sailor Babo Goes to Olympia!

HG felt bad that her Sailor Babo hadn’t had any adventures in a while, so she took him up to Olympia with a carload of bicycles and her son Chris. They checked into a fancypants hotel by Percival Landing, Olympia’s … Continue reading

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Sailor Babo visits Uglytown

The city of New York has many subcultures. Unknown to most residents however, there is a thriving community of Ugly Dolls living in Manhattan. Down in the Village, you can find them hanging out at Forbidden Planet, the humongous comics … Continue reading

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