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Brip and Moxy have their big day out in Paris!

After resting up while Sailor Babo spent last Friday at the Louvre, Brip and Moxy were ready to have a Parisian adventure on Sarurday.  First they waved goodbye to Babo, who was up in the garret window.  Then they wandered … Continue reading

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Sailor Babo visits the Louvre!

On his second trip to Paris, Sailor Babo finally went to the Louvre.  Turns out a Friday afternoon in early December is a great time to avoid long lines, and the museum’s open Friday evenings, so he got to spend … Continue reading

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Sailor Babo goes to the cookie store!

About a month ago, Sailor Babo paid a visit to Seattle’s delightful new cookie store, Hello Robin! Yum! Thanks to the nice folks at Hello Robin for letting Sailor Babo sneak into the cookie case!

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Sailor Babo visits two maritime towns

Near the Strait of Juan de Fuca: Near the Chesapeake Bay:

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Sailor Babo meets the Fremont Troll!

In August, while in Fremont, Sailor Babo made a new friend! He also met this guy on the same outing:

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Sailor Babo takes a tour of the chocolate factory!

Theo Chocolate!  Way back in August!  Yum!

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Sailor Babo wastes four dollars in a photo booth!

(This happened last month at the Ace Hotel in Portland, Oregon.)

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Sailor Babo meets Sailor Babo!

Sailor Babo 98122 was thrilled to meet up with Sailor Babo HG!

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Sailor Babo and Brip stopped to smell the lavender!

Sent via carrier pigeon

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Sailor Babo goes to the ballet!

Last Saturday, Sailor Babo went to see Pacific Northwest Ballet’s magnificent production of Swan Lake.   It was at McCaw Hall.  Sailor Babo marveled at the kinetic sculpture that lives in the grand entryway. He also enjoyed seeing some of the … Continue reading

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