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Sailor Babo Visits Canyon de Chelly

On the way back from Colorado, AmyH, BSG and Sailor Babo spent two nights at Canyon de Chelly on the Navajo Nation. It has been on AmyH’s bucket list for as long as she’s lived in Arizona. It’s not very … Continue reading

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Sailor Babo Hikes a 14er!

AmyH and BSG were going to Colorado to hike something called a “14er.” Sailor Babo wasn’t great at math, so he figured what he didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him. First, they started off on a warm-up hike near Pagosa Springs … Continue reading

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Sailor Babo in the Northwoods

Sailor Babo was sick of the Arizona heat, what with many consecutive 110+ degree days, so he tagged along with AmyH and BSG to visit her relatives in Wisconsin’s Northwoods. The Northwoods is the name for the giant forested area … Continue reading

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Sailor Babo Visits the Black Hills

AmyH and BSG went to South Dakota for BSG’s parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. He was excited to come along because he knew nothing about South Dakota. He was surprised by all of the wildlife! Cabela’s is scary! They finally get … Continue reading

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Sailor Babo parties with Sparty

Tailgate time!

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Sailor Babo says Let’s Go State!

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Sailor Babo is Ready to Cheer!

He found a foam finger just his size. But Coors Light? That won’t do at all. Much better! Let’s Go State! Wheels up to Phoenix tomorrow then driving to Pasadena!

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Sailor Babo Meets Sparty

Not the Sparty you see at all the MSU games, but the original Sparty statue. This used to stand next to where the Spartan Marching Band practices. It’s the world’s tallest free-standing ceramic statue. It now rests in the new … Continue reading

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Sailor Babo is Rose Bowl Bound!

He says “Go Green! Go White! Let’s Go State!”

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Super Babo Will Save the Day!

As soon as he makes it off the shelf.   A friend and Babo fan alerted me to the existence of super hero Babos. I’m holding out for X-Babo. A telepathic or shape-shifting Babo would be pretty sweet.

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