A word from The Babo Brigade

Hello.  We’re a gang of internet friends who like to take pictures of our Sailor Babos in fun situations and interesting places.  Our Sailor Babos have been all across America, into Canada and Mexico, and over to Australia.  One even went on a European vacation that eventually resulted in his disappearance somewhere near Lucerne in Switzerland.

Sailor Babo has been discontinued, but you can buy his friends at The Official Uglydoll Site.


11 Responses to A word from The Babo Brigade

  1. Kat says:

    Just wanted to let you know your pictures and posts are absolutely adorable. Some even managed to make me giggle =)

    I just got into the Uglydoll collecting phase recently, glad to see they aren’t just for children.

  2. MM Curator says:

    Hey, is there any more room in the Babo brigade? I love them all and have many pictures of them getting into mischief and just being their adorable little selves. If you want, you can check the staff page of my website. 🙂 (They don’t really do any work but they demand lots of cookies!)

  3. MM Curator says:

    P.S. forgot to tell you how much I love this blog!! Too cute.

  4. This blog has made my day.
    As a fellow Babo fan, I submit this picture of SuperBabo hiding from Tiny Pumpkin Clyde.


  5. uvgucci101 says:

    Where can one send a picture of their own Sailor Babo on his adventures (mine hangs out with Truck Babo, Cookie Dream Babo, and Cookie Chef Babo)???

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  7. mariser says:

    to the PfSB administrators”
    can one of you hook me up? mSB (finally) got out of the house and has a few things to post (including a meet-up with LTSB).


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