Sailor Babo waves from Omak!

Sent via carrier pigeon

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5 Responses to Sailor Babo waves from Omak!

  1. Sailor Babo, where are you going?

    • M-----l says:

      (Psst…Sailor Babo is on a series of business trips all around the state!)

      • Well, that’s good. Some of the places he was reporting from are in the middle of nowhere. [Remembers kid locking keys in the trunk at a rest stop along the Columbia River, flat tire somewhere outside of Cle Elum, weird encounter with local in Trinidad.]

  2. I hope he gets to try a cookie at each stop. For research. It’s important to know who has the best cookies.

  3. mmcurator says:

    Whoa, he’ll need extra cookies for fuel if he wants to climb those majestic mountains!

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