Sailor Babo Goes Camping

Babo and BSG wanted to get back out into the woods, and this time they let AmyH come along.

They all made the short trek east of Phoenix to the Tonto National Forest.


It’s pretty unknown to most Phoenix people, and the campground had been closed this summer due to fire restrictions. Up until this weekend, that is, so they pretty much had the place to themselves.


Let’s set up camp!


Setting up camp is hard! It’s time to relax!

AmyH is starting to suspect this trip was all about BSG and Babo trying out all their solar-powered camping gear.


With camp all set up, it’s time for hiking. And maybe some rock climbing.


Babo finds his line to get up the rock.

We also came across some radio communication towers.


Babo collected some leaves to investigate.


And they also found an old mine shaft. Or is it a bear cave?!


After the hike, Babo decided to kick back with his favorite Arizona camping beer.


Of course, you have to have a campfire! img_6931

Babo wants to make a joke, but this is a family blog.

All in all, a great time in the woods was had by all!

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8 Responses to Sailor Babo Goes Camping

  1. M-----l says:

    These pictures came through gigantic for me and I can only see their far left edges. I will have to try again later using my desktop computer (which sometimes shows things differently). I want to see more than Sailor Babo’s arm and a Mountainsmith camera bag. I want to see the Bear Cave!

  2. Laurie says:

    I found the same thing M—–l did with the photos.

  3. homebody says:

    Sailor Babo sured earned both those beers!
    I can see the photos – fantastic! – fine on my iPad though they took a while to load. (The top one made me smile because at first all I could see was Babo in the trees!)

  4. amyhftw says:

    The photos are a little smaller now. They are still pretty big, but the next resizing option was tiny, so I figured this should work!

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