Sailor Babo heads out for hiking

Sailor Babo was getting a little stir crazy cooped up in the air conditioning and has decided to get out of the Phoenix heat.

BSG had an idea – he, Babo and a friend would go to Colorado and hike a 14er. That's a mountain higher than 14,000 feet.

Babo has tackled a few with BSG before, and AmyH tagged along with them for one a couple of years ago.

So he was excited to hit the road really early this morning.

"Let's get this party started!"

All that driving can be tiring and can work up a thirst. Good thing Ska Brewing World Headquarters in Durango was on the way and made for a convenient afternoon rest stop.

"Cheers, Mr. Ska Gnome!"

Sailor Babo will keep sending in photos of his trip to the top of a mountain.

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12 Responses to Sailor Babo heads out for hiking

  1. M-----l says:

    14,000 ft? That’s some adventure!

  2. crankypants says:

    I heard cookies combat altitude sickness.

  3. Laurie says:

    14,000 feet probably feels more like 1,000,000 feet high when you’ve got short little Babo legs!

  4. amyhftw says:

    I’m not sure what the elevation is at the trailhead. That will determine how much elevation gain they’ll have. So they don’t hike all 14,000 of those feet. It will still be a long trip up and down, though.

  5. Which one? We have 54 to choose from 😀

    • amyhftw says:

      He’s doing Wetterhorn. And then maybe an encore trip up Uncompagrhe. That would be instead of Redcloud and Sunshine, which he hasn’t done. But we saw them from the summit of Handie’s Peak two years ago and Babo and I thought they were too boring and barren to be worth the effort.

      • Wetterhorn seems to be the most challenging of the group (according to Is he hoping to slowly climb all or a lot of the 14ers?

        • amyhftw says:

          BSG has done a lot of them already, although I couldn’t give you the number. He’s also done all the high points in 46 out of the lower 48 states. Some were less spectacular than others (like Florida). He hasn’t done Hood or Ranier, and I’m trying to talk him out of those as hikers die on a regular basis.
          As a consolation, he and his brother will hike Moana Kea in September while a friend and I hang by the beach.

          • Nice! And good luck talking him out of the more risky hikes! Try to keep him off the Maroon Bells if you can. They’ve earned the nickname “Deadly Bells” over the years for a reason. Has he ever eyed Mt. Washington?
            Hawaii should be nice 😀

            • amyhftw says:

              He’s already done Mt. Washington, It was quite the experience!
              The hiking crew is all back and safe. BSG’s friend was pretty wiped out by the hike and after seeing the photos, I see why. I’ll post those when he sends them over to my phone. There’s no way I could have done it.
              He said he’s passing on the Maroon Bells. He likes hiking, but hitting all the 14ers is not a bucket list. Especially the really risky ones like those. He and another friend had a really hard time on Crestone Needle a few years ago where they barely made it off the mountain. He hasn’t done the top 4 on the “brutal” list, but he’s done other difficult peaks like Wilson.

              • Glad they got back safely! Funny enough, there was a bit on the news tonight about the 14ers and how three hikers have already died on one of the more dicey ones. I’m blanking on which mountain it was. Glad he’ll be staying off the Bells!

            • amyhftw says:

              Oh, and Babo would like to add that he was also along for Crestone Peak, Crestone Needle, Wilson and Uncompahrge. He’s a hiking fool!

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