Sailor Babo, Brip, and Moxy visit Venice!

The last port of call on Sailor Babo 98109’s recent voyage was Venice. Babo, Brip, and Moxy are still daydreaming about the decaying beauty and maritime splendor of Venezia, La Serenissima, Queen of the Adriatic.

They travelled there from Milan via Trenitalia, then took a vaporetto (Venetian bus-boat) from the train station.


We wonder what this magazine says…


Hey, guys! It’s the lagoon!


Buses in Venice are boats! This is my kinda town!

After checking in to the vacation rental, Brip and Moxy settled in for a nap, while Babo scouted out the neighborhood.


Oh good! There are cookies half a block away! This is my kinda town!


Sailor Babo acquires a gondolier’s hat and prevents sunburn!

The next day, they all rode the vaporetti…

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And marveled at the grandeur of San Marco…

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And toured La Fenice, the beautiful opera house of Venice…

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And sampled some Venetian cookies!


That thing at Sailor Bobo’s feet is a baba rum!

On the last full day, Babo scored more cookies, had a fancy coffee at Caffe Florian, crossed the Grand Canal in a traghetto (the poor person’s gondola), and rode more vaporetti

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Meanwhile, Brip and Moxy went shopping …

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Soon it was time to say goodnight and goodbye for now.


Sailor Babo takes a vaporetto ride at sunset


Arrivederci, Venezia!

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11 Responses to Sailor Babo, Brip, and Moxy visit Venice!

  1. M-----l says:

    That video of Babo riding the boat is priceless!

  2. Laurie says:

    Sailor Babo’s gondolier hat is fabulous!

    • homebody says:

      Yeah! Sailor Babo really lucked out … the first tourist kitsch vendor he encountered after checking into our lodgings sold those hats and I didn’t see them anywhere else! The stand was staffed by an older lady who was puzzled by why I wanted to buy it (having no child with me), until I whipped Babo out of my bag. She broke into a big smile then. I really should have sprung for the stuffed bear with a blue and white striped Babo-sized shirt for the full effect, but it was 12 euros, and I didn’t have room for the leftover bear in my luggage.

  3. mmcurator says:

    SB in the gondolier hat is too precious! And yes, I bet he loved Venice due to the amount of boats and cookies, it’s perfect for him! Great photos. 🙂

  4. I love Sailor Babo’s new hat! He pulls it off so well. How did they like the cookies in Venice compared to home?

    • homebody says:

      After Milan, he decided to become a sailor fashionista! They enjoyed the cookies! Although they complained that they didn’t have enough and only got them once this trip (if you don’t count emergency plastic-wrapped madeleines), that made Venetian cookies all the more special. The baba-rum thing was a little gooey. I had to stop Sailor Babo from washing up in the canal!

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