Sailor Babo on the Island

Sailor BabO Canada made his annual trip to the Toronto Islands for some summer rest and relaxation, and a little work at the arts retreat there.

First, he relaxed in a Muskoka chair. (It’s only an “Adirondack” on the other side of the border.)

SB big chair

putting my fuzzy feets up!

He did some sentry duty at the writers’ wing of the arts retreat:

SB writers wing 1

Gotta keep them from slacking off

He tried to write a novel of his own:

SB writers wing 2

Excuse me, how do you all reach the keys?

He ran away to join a pirate crew.

SB the pirate life for me

Take it from a sailor, we’ve run aground.

(But it turned out to only be a stage.)

He avoided capture!

not a pokemon

I am not a Pokemon! Nor am I food for one!

And celebrated his escape with a well-earned reward.

SB smores brownie

S’mores brownie for the win!

See you at the island next year, Sailor Babo!


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9 Responses to Sailor Babo on the Island

  1. crankypants says:

    I typed all my papers in junior high (maybe into high school) on an Underwood similar to that one, maybe a bit newer.

  2. SB on the comically large chair is too funny! Did he ever manage to reach an armrest? That brownie looks amazing…

  3. M-----l says:

    Babo’s novel = A Tale of Two Cookies?

  4. Laurie says:

    I am also hastening to add that I am not playing Pokemon Go — the image is courtesy of my writer bud, Lis!

  5. mmcurator says:

    I feel like all Sailor Babos eventually go rogue and become pirates at some point. That brownie looks soooo good!

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