Sailor Babo thinks the west coast is the best coast.

My parents are in California and I’m staying at their house watching Kylie Momo (the cat). I’m trying desperately to entertain myself with music, walks to the derelict ammo factory, and the internet. I suggested that my parents take Sailor Babo with them and send back pictures. I’ve gotten two so far, so I’m going to burn through some of the afternoon posting them here.

Here’s Sailor Babo getting around town on his bicycle.  Word has it he fell off two seconds after this shot was taken.

And here he is at the Amoeba Music on Haight Street.  He says he went looking for Mel Tormé music, but I think he just went there to make me jealous.
imageI might add some more pictures down below if I get any.

Ahh, here’s another one:

imageSailor Babo eats a platter of fancy hotel food in this one:

imageAnd here’s the best of all.  It’s Sailor Babo at the 3rd largest tree in the Humboldt Redwoods State Park.


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12 Responses to Sailor Babo thinks the west coast is the best coast.

  1. Looks like he’s having a great time 🙂

  2. Lurkertype says:

    *waves at SB and Dad and Mom in my area*

    Did SB take mom and dad down the street from Amoeba to that place with the great sangria?

  3. The bronze statue looks like when children are here at my house, poor Babo gets pulled in every direction by tiny hands calling him a super hero.

  4. mmcurator says:

    Looks like he had fun (except for falling off the bike!) And that cheese plate looks delicious.

  5. Lauri says:

    Eeeeeeee! The teensy weensy Babo in the massive, huge old tree!!! And the three kids holding him.
    Love the pics!

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