Sailor Babo Hikes a 14er!

AmyH and BSG were going to Colorado to hike something called a “14er.” Sailor Babo wasn’t great at math, so he figured what he didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him.

First, they started off on a warm-up hike near Pagosa Springs where they were staying for the week. This hike was called the Fourmile Trail to the Fourmile Falls. Again – more math!

This was worth the four miles! But now it's four miles back.

This was worth the four miles! But now it’s four miles back.

Then they all drove to an old mining town called Lake City to be close to the trailhead the next morning.

The wildlife here is so friendly!

The wildlife here is so friendly!

Let's look for gold!

Let’s look for gold!

They stayed a hostel frequented by through-hikers on the Colorado Trail. AmyH said Sailor Babo was lucky to not have a sense of smell.

Good morning, stinky hikers!

Good morning and bye-bye, B.O.!

Then they were all off to hike a mountain. They started around 10,500 feet so they had 3,548 feet to go to reach the top. The weather was perfect, the wildflowers were blooming as far as the eye could see and mountain snow was forming alpine lakes, streams and waterfalls.

Flowers, flowers everywhere!

Flowers, flowers everywhere!

Let's get moving!

Let’s get moving! (That’s not our peak, though!)

Whee, snow in July!

Whee! Snow in July!

The hike started getting a lot harder at the top. Sailor Babo was giving it his all and didn’t say nearly as many bad words as AmyH did.









Sailor Babo celebrated by playing in the snow and streams on the way back down.

The snow's a little old, but it will do!

The snow’s a little old, but it will do!

The views were worth every step!

The views were worth every step!

Everyone made it down safely and had a great time. Except for that stretch when AmyH was not very happy about the steepness and slick going toward the top. But it really was worth all of the effort.

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8 Responses to Sailor Babo Hikes a 14er!

  1. M-----l says:

    Good climbin’, Babo (and AmyH)! You made it a lot higher than I did when I tried a 14er. My brains went all wonky at about 13.5 and I had to quit.

    The ALMOST shots are great, especially that first one.

  2. Laurie says:

    Since Sailor Babo’s legs are so short, it’s probably more like a 28er to him!
    Well done!
    (My fave is the second ALMOST shot.)

  3. Lauri says:

    Holy crap!!! I have hiked up there, and it’s so so so HARD!!! But, the views. So incredible!
    The wildflower picture blew me away!!!
    I really get huffing and puffing when I am going uphill. I hate that part! But, it always is so worth it! Great post, Amy and SB!

  4. Geez. Sailor Babo hikes a 14er before I do. There’s something very wrong with that lol. Looks like you guys picked a great time to go! No thunderstorms, I hope. They were rolling through pretty regularly during June and July

  5. RKBaker says:

    Way to go Babo! Too bad you had to drag AmyH and the other guy up the mountain. That’s perseverance!!

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