Sailor Babo in the Northwoods

Sailor Babo was sick of the Arizona heat, what with many consecutive 110+ degree days, so he tagged along with AmyH and BSG to visit her relatives in Wisconsin’s Northwoods. The Northwoods is the name for the giant forested area of the Upper Great Lakes and into Canada.

Thanks, Wisconsin! Happy to be here!

Thanks, Wisconsin! Happy to be here!

AmyH’s aunt and uncle and cousins (one is of the Lay’s potato chip contest fame) own Sunrise Lodge, a fabulous all-inclusive resort on Lac Vieux Desert on the border of Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It’s all trees and water, water and trees up there. MomH, DadH and Brother Steve made the 10-hour drive up from lower Michigan to join them so it was an extra wonderful time.

Welcome to Sunrise!

Welcome to Sunrise!

The resort is full of families, some who’ve come up for decades, and some with kids who apparently aren’t in a hurry.

Keep it moving, kiddos!

Keep it moving, kiddos!

Just down the road from the resort is the headwaters of the Wisconsin River.

Ooh - let's go look!

Ooh – let’s go look!

Along the way, Sailor Babo saw some baby wildlife.

Hi itty bitty toad!

Hi itty bitty toad!

He was impressed by all the greenery.

We're not in Phoenix anymore.

We’re not in Phoenix anymore.

Sailor Babo, a lover of history, was excited to find the historical marker.

Very interesting!

Very interesting!

As rivers go, Sailor Babo was a bit underwhelmed. At this spot and for the next few miles, the river is a shallow stream of tight curves and beaver dams, which AmyH and BSG experienced in their Epic Northwoods Canoe Adventure later in the week (Sudden storm! Wind! Driving rain! Lightning! Beavers!)

It's still impressive to me!

I thought it would be bigger.

Having enough of the outdoors, Sailor Babo headed into town with MomH and DadH to check out the local historical museum, which used to be a ski lodge on the property of one of the cousin’s property.

This schoolhouse is about my size.

This schoolhouse is about my size.

He asked permission to get up close and personal with the schoolhouse display.

Hmm, these may be even too small for me.

Hmm, these may be even too small for me.

And this one might be a bit too big.

And this one might be a bit too big.

He was not pleased with the taxidermied musky on the wall.

That fish is going to eat me!

That fish is going to eat me!

After the fish scare, he decided to go outside and play in the park.

This is just my speed.

This is just my speed.

All of this exploring made Sailor Babo hungry. Captain Mustard to the rescue!

I'll have the Northwoods special, please!

I’ll have the Northwoods special, please!

Alas, all good things must come to an end. On the way back to the Rhinelander airport he was able to meet the local mythological creature who lives on the front lawn of the chamber of commerce. The Hodag was made up by loggers waaaay back in the day and is the high school mascot along with everything else the area needs a mascot for. There are littler hodags all over town, but this one is the master hodag.

Hi Hodag! Let's be friends!

Hi Hodag! Let’s be friends!

At the airport, Sailor Babo also met Mr. Heisman, who used to live in the area and is buried in Rhinelander.



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7 Responses to Sailor Babo in the Northwoods

  1. Lurkertype says:

    Delightful as always. SB’s reactions are always the best.

    Hodag looks like a very giant UglyDoll.

  2. Laurie says:

    Looks like a fun time! I love the schoolhouse shots — and that permission was asked, and granted!

  3. M-----l says:

    Well done, SB and AmyH! Looks like a lot of fun.

    (I hope SB eventually found a bathroom that was just his size.)

  4. Vicki says:

    Love it!!!! He is welcome back any time along with his chaperones.

  5. His reaction to the musky head is priceless

  6. Lauri says:

    Yay! What a fun time! Love all the history! I have never heard of a Hodag. Very impressive. SB isn’t afraid of anything! Ok, maybe the muskie head!

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