Babo goes cruising

I could be wrong but I think that this past weekend Babo set sail on his biggest ship yet.

On Friday we embarked on a three day cruise. It was a sampler cruise so people like me who don’t think they’ll enjoy the cruising lifestyle can confirm that this is indeed true before they set sail on a month of misery.

We went on the Carnival Spirit which is about 1000 feet long, has 12 decks, 1000 staff and carries 2600 people.


The sea is big – and kind of boring; there’s no end to it but Babo liked looking about. This is when we were in the Tasman Sea which was freezing and windy, (it’s always freezing in Tasmania), we went about as far as the cross then turned around and came back to Sydney.



Once we reached the NSW border the weather started warming up again and Babo could enjoy a bit of sunbaking up on the pool decks.


Thanks Carnival Spirit for letting Babo experience a few days in his favourite environment. Oh – I forgot to mention that one of the trainers from the Australian Biggest Loser was there filming The Biggest Bootcamp at Sea so Babo got to see a celebrity as well. No photos sorry.



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12 Responses to Babo goes cruising

  1. Scott says:

    Adventure on the high seas!

  2. Lauri says:

    Tasmania! You’re not in the Caribbean anymore! (I only know the Caribbean). So, did you decide if you liked the cruising lifestyle?

    • Jane says:

      Yeah – it was so not the Caribbean. More like an arctic exploration.

      I would have to say no to the cruising lifestyle.Too confined with too many people and just kind of boring. Maybe if you could get off every day it would be ok but that’s never gonna happen here – I mean it takes two days to get out of Australia and then we’re still miles from anywhere.

  3. M-----l says:

    Hmmm…New Zealand is not where I thought it was. Must be continental drift.

    (Put on some sunscreen, Babo!)

    • Jane says:

      Did you think it was closer or further away from Australia? It’s apparently very beautiful – lots of extreme sports to do and good food. Maybe I’ll go one day, it’s closer to me than the other side of Australia. The accent puts me off though – it’s mad, you can’t take them seriously.

      No one here really cares what goes on in New Zealand though – we’re only interested when they produce someone taleneted or succesful who we claim as Australian – like Rusell Crowe or the Finn brothers or Keith Urban.

      Had sunscreen but not much was required as we were in jumpers and beanies most of the time. Actually he probably should have had a blanket on him in that deck chair.

      • M-----l says:

        I thought New Zealand was where the map says “New Caledonia Basin”. I’ve never been there, of course. Or Australia. My cousin got married in New Zealand, but he didn’t invite any of the family.

  4. mmcurator says:

    Wow! Very exciting!! I’d love to see Australia and Tasmania!! Although not on a cruise…I’m with you, I just didn’t care for them. (I must have very sensitive inner ears…I was dizzy basically the whole time and fell over a few times too – fortunately not overboard.) Too bad for my Sailor Babo. But we take him plenty of other places so it’s all good.

    • Jane says:

      I have a friend like that – she set off on a 10 day cruise and found after one day that she couldn’t even stand up and when they got back home it took her months to get back to normal.

      My Aunt and Uncle cruised from Australia to Canada last year which must have taken them about a month but they loved it. I can’t even imagine it.

  5. homebody says:

    Babo is truly in his element here! Glad he enjoyed it even if you didn’t.

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