Sailor Babo’s sweater is too large!

Sailor Babo received a sweater in the mail today.  It came from Scott!  It was quite a nice sweater with red and white stripes and a big blue anchor knitted on the front.  It would’ve been perfect except it was way too big for Sailor Babo.  He gave it to regular-sized Babo, but it was way too small for him.  Then Cymbal Monkey showed up on the scene and asked to try on the sweater.  Cymbal Monkey took off his fancy, velvet vest and put down his cymbals.  He tried on the sweater:

cymbal-less monkey

(Blast these unbending, metallic arms!)

It didn’t fit.  Cymbal Monkey got it over his head, but he couldn’t get his arms into the sleeves.  Just as Cymbal Monkey was about to throw some poo all over the place in frustration, Sailor Babo noticed the fancy, velvet vest sitting on the settee.  He asked to try it on.

Cymbal Monkey’s outfit was a perfect fit!  Sailor Babo checked himself in the mirror and realized he looked just like the princes from the ballets Homey talks about.  Inspiration struck!  Sailor Babo bounded forth and spun around on his toes.  Dance!

sailor babo in princely garb

(Sailor Babo dances in princely garb!)

Now if only there was a second Babo with a tutu!

(to be continued…?)

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15 Responses to Sailor Babo’s sweater is too large!

  1. Lauri says:

    He’s on one toe! What technique!

  2. amyhftw says:

    Oh, but there is a Babo in a tutu. Hold please…

  3. GASP!!!! He looks FABULOUS!!!

  4. homebody says:

    Cymbal Monkey’s expression cracks me up. Babo’s cracks me up even more.
    Awesome sweater, by the way. Maybe Babo could wear it preppy-style, tied around his shoulders.

  5. Japanese schoolgirls have this thing about wearing sweaters with sleeves that are too long for their arms, so they walk around with their hands hidden. But I have to agree, that vest is very chic on Sailor Babo.

    • By the way, can’t Scott just meet up with you and hand-deliver the sweater? I thought you guys lived in the same town.

      • M-----l says:

        Unless he bought too many concert tickets and is trying to dump one of them off on me, Scott and I don’t interact in person. It’s mostly typewritten letters for us.

  6. phantomxii says:

    Don’t forget the option of the sweater’s original design: putting it on a bottle. Not that I can come up with any significance to putting a sweater on a bottle, but…it’s art?

    • M-----l says:

      Now I gotta buy a bottle?!

      • phantomxii says:

        Don’t you have any wine bottles? Or fancy-pants beer that comes in an excessively large bottle?

        Oh, and don’t forget to put the little hat on it. I don’t think you mentioned the hat.

        • M-----l says:

          Maybe the sweater will fit on a half gallon of milk. I have one of those.

          Thank you for sending me the sweater. I’m sorry it didn’t fit either of the main Babo sizes, but I’m very happy with the picture of dancing SB that I ended up with. The monkey shot isn’t bad either, if I may toot my own horn a bit. Don’t worry…that sweater will end up on something.

          • phantomxii says:

            You know, it might actually be pretty damn funny on a Mrs. Butterworth’s bottle. (Do they still make those out of glass? I hope so.) The little hat might fit on non-Sailor Babo’s peculiar little ear thingies.

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