More Sailor Babo in Spain

Sailor Babo is still in Spain because his traveling companions are dorks who didn’t double check the flight time for their connecting flight back to Barcelona. AmyH is in hot water with work so will be online today while Sailor Babo may go play some more. Here’s a little of what he’s been up to.

He visited the royal rising school in Jerez – cant go to Andalusia without seeing the horses.

In Cordoba he saw some old Roman stuff and hung out with some bullfighters.



In Seville he enjoyed wine and a view from a rooftop bar. He finally had a pretty sunny day for checking out Plaza de Espana.




Wish us all luck for getting out of the country tomorrow!

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11 Responses to More Sailor Babo in Spain

  1. M-----l says:

    My Sailor Babo thinks that horse might be Shadowfax!

    (Sorry. He watched The Two Towers last night.)

  2. Jaypo says:

    Ole, SB! E adios!

  3. crankypants says:

    I love those torreador paintings!! Did AmyH get to use her Latin American Spanish skillz?

    • amyhftw says:

      I had more LA skillz than I thought I did! I understood more than I could speak, but that was enough.

      Sent from my iPad

      • crankypants says:

        That’s good! That’s usually how it is for me, I may not get a word out but I understand enough. Even when I was in Spain in 1995 and new NOTHING I somehow understood this old man at our pension telling us how to get to our next destination via train (it helped I already knew that anyway).

  4. Me gustan los caballos! Yay Sailor Babo! Where did you see the old Roman mosaics? I also like old Roman art.

  5. Oh darn, another day in Spain….
    I looooove the colors in the second to last pic. So very postcard-y 🙂

  6. homebody says:

    Argh, I’m sorry Babo and his companions are frustratingly stuck in Spain. Looks like he had a great time before the end of the trip, though. I hope by the time you read this he is back in the States!

  7. Lauri says:

    All my Babos and myself wish you both perfect travel tomorrow. *crossing fingers and fabric toes*

  8. Lurkertype says:

    It’s a good thing Sailor Babo never stresses about traveling. He leaves that to his traveling companions. He’s at home wherever he goes.

    LTSB suggests “Mas sangria!”

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