Sailor Babo enjoys Barcelona

He wanted to get into Sagrada Familia but it was closed to tourists for Palm Sunday.


So he went to La Pedrera instead. He found a model just his size.


But seeing it up close was even better.


He walked a lot today. And it started to rain. Maybe he can Hotwire this fancy scooter and get to the tapas bar.


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5 Responses to Sailor Babo enjoys Barcelona

  1. SingingTuna says:

    LOL! Sailor Babo seems to be having a great time!

  2. M-----l says:

    I’ve always wanted to go to Barcelona. I’m jealous of you and SB.

  3. crankypants says:

    I went to Barcelona in 1995 but like everything else in Europe in January and February of 1995, SF had scaffolding around it and it was closed completely as far as I recall. But we did go to Parc Guell which was way cool!
    Also–last year sometime I was listening to the Doors in my car and of course I’ve heard all their songs many times but sometimes you re-hear lyrics in a different way that just don’t make sense even though you may have known the lyrics for many many years. So anyway I was listening to LA Woman and I heard “Cops in cars, tapas bars” and I was thinking…wait…that can’t be right. I REALLY can’t believe they had tapas bars in LA in 1970 and Jim Morrison was singing about them.” then 1.5 seconds later I was like OH TOPLESS BARS RIGHT

  4. Haha! I’m guessing he didn’t end up hotwiring the scooter? Now that would be quite an addition to his adventures…

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