Sailor BabOCanada made a New Year’s resolution that he was going to sign up for a car-share service in Toronto and have more convenience and freedom when it came to visits to Laurie’s family, or friends, or just getting out to the grocery store to buy heavy things.

Today was the day to try it for the first time!  SBOC was a little nervous, because he hasn’t ever driven, and Laurie hasn’t driven in YEARS, but it was a sunny, dry day, and a nice, easy trip to the grocery store.  Sailor Babo was so pleased with his accomplishment, that he after the trip, he decided to pose sexily on the hood like the girls in the auto shows.


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9 Responses to Babo2go!

  1. I’m suddenly hearing the “Go Speed Racer!” song in my head. 😀

  2. SingingTuna says:

    Oh, my goodness! He looks right at home up there!
    Sailor Babo is VERY brave to try driving for the first time, even on such a nice day. Will his next car have a HEMI?

  3. Lauri says:

    Ooo, what a great idea! Hope you and BaboCanada have many more Car2go days!

  4. Jaypo says:

    Racey Babo! 😉

  5. Hehe! Cool! I hope people were nice and patient with Sailor Babo/Laurie (whoever decided to drive)

  6. homebody says:

    Way to rock those new wheels SBOC and Laurie! He does look sexy there! Car2go just arrived in my town, so SB98122 needs to go for a ride, too!

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