Sailor Babo is dressing up as Fonzie this Halloween.  The holiday is still a few days away, but he’s already excited and has insisted upon wearing his leather jacket around everywhere.  Who am I to argue with the little guy?


Also, I spotted a Babo key chain hanging from the rear-view mirror of a car in a parking lot this afternoon.  I got far more excited than I should have.

spotted…one babo

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8 Responses to Aaayyyyyyyyy!

  1. phantomxii says:

    Sailor Babo will never jump the shark.

    • M-----l says:

      I think he may have jumped a couple years ago when Uglydoll released a $350 Babo watch with Swarovski crystals on it. Of course, that wasn’t officially Sailor Babo, so maybe it doesn’t count.

  2. homebody says:

    Babo’s hands were clearly inspired by the Fonz.

  3. Lauri says:

    Awesome! Love the jacket!
    I, too, would be overly excited to see a Babo in someone else’s car!

  4. Lurkertype says:

    Both of these pictures are fantastic. Like SB, I give them two thumbs up.

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