Sailor Babo Goes to Mammoth Cave!

Hooray! Sailor Babo is taking a trip in a big, gas-guzzling RV! He’s all ready to go!

(Sometimes Sailor Babo gets a little behind in sharing his adventures. You can tell from the trees that it’s springtime!)

Sailor Babo is ready to hit the road!

Sailor Babo starts off by spending the night at Cowan Lake State Park near Wilmington, Ohio. He looks yearningly at the lake from the RV window. He will have to come back here someday with his little boat!

Sailor Babo wants to go sailing!

Whew! Even all his years of seafaring did not prepare Sailor Babo for the experience of piloting an RV down an Interstate! He has finally made it to Kentucky. He’s going to take a break.

Sailor Babo is driving a giant vehicle!

Gosh, Mariser lives in a pretty state. He has even heard there are some horses around here! But where?

Sailor Babo looks for horses!

There’s a pretty horse, right over there! Hey, Mister Horsie! Come on over and say hello!

Sailor Babo sees a horse!

WHOA! Where did this guy come from? He sure is a friendly horse! In fact, he’s so friendly that Sailor Babo has leapt off the fence and gone running back to the RV for cover!

This horse is so friendly that Sailor Babo got freaked out!

After some more driving, Sailor Babo has reached his destination: Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky! He’s going to go inside the Visitor Center and buy a ticket.

Sailor Babo is at the visitor center!

Outside the cave entrance, Sailor Babo learns that the temperature inside the cave system is consistent year round.

Sailor Babo is reading about airflow!

Wow, this cave is big and dark! Sailor Babo feels tiny and insignificant! It’s damp, too—there seem to be some droplets of water on the camera lens!

Sailor Babo feels very small indeed!

It’s so dark that Sailor Babo has to fiddle with the exposure just to make this picture come out! It gives him a weird halo effect, but Sailor Babo assures you he is not a ghost, and he has not been pasted into this picture!

Sailor Babo is not a ghost!

GACK! Are those gigantic space aliens descending from the ceiling? Sailor Babo hides behind the nearest boulder! No, those are rock formations, developed over approximately 132 bazillion years.

Sailor Babo hides from freaky rock formations!

Mmm! Is that delicious, yummy taffy emanating from the wall? Sailor Babo would always like some taffy! No, actually, those are more rock formations! Wow!

Sailor Babo wants taffy!

Whew! The cave is neat, but Sailor Babo is glad to be back outside in the open air.

Sailor Babo is tired!

It’s time to take the RV back to the rental place. Sailor Babo wants to do this again sometime!

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9 Responses to Sailor Babo Goes to Mammoth Cave!

  1. M-----l says:

    I especially like the part where Sailor Babo feels tiny and insignificant.

  2. Lauri says:

    Great pics! I love the tiny Babo in the huge cave!
    Mammoth Cave is always a great place to visit….and I love the horses, toO!

    • phantomxii says:

      Sailor Babo wants to see more of the cave system next time. In particular, he thinks it would be funny to see phantomxii trying to get through Fat Man’s Misery.

      • Lauri says:

        I remember almost getting claustrophobic down there under three hundred feet of solid rock. And when we had to climb the shaky chain-link stair-cage to get out of the cage I was scared to death, and had to act calm and brave for my daughter (probably about 8 years old at the time). She was much more scared than I was, so it was awesome that we made it out! Lol. I do want to go back.

  3. mariser says:

    Kentucky has some problems (its inhabitants) but it is sure a gorgeous state.
    I’ve been in Mammoth Cave approx. 247964 times; mSB wishes he’d known so he could have arranged a meetup with phantomSB.
    Historical Tour, I presume?

    • phantomxii says:

      Beautiful spring—everything was blooming. We did two tours…yep, I think one was the Historical, and the other one was the “back entrance” easy tour. I hadn’t been there since the 70s! Next time I’ll have my Sailor Babo call your Sailor Babo.

  4. Sailor Babo was afraid of the horsie? I suppose if he smells of cookies, he might be mistaken for one—horses aren’t very bright, sometimes. But that would be my main reason for visiting Kentucky, to see horses. Caves, not so much. I toured the catacombs of St. Sebastian in Rome, which are supposedly built inside of a natural cave. The only light we had was the lantern carried by our guide, and while it was bright, you didn’t want to get left behind. Unless you like sitting in pitch darkness next to ancient tombs. Brrr.

    • phantomxii says:

      Sailor Babo is greatly intimidated by the size and forwardness of the friendly beast!

      They have some electric wiring down in the caves, but not enough to spoil the mood…I don’t think you’d want the tour to move on without you!

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