Sailor Babo has adventures in Chicago!

Sailor Babo went to Chicago over the weekend.

He visited the Mirror Bean and almost got stepped on by a man in a blue shirt.

Sailor Babo posed for a fancypants portrait next to the Mirror Bean.

Then Sailor Babo went to see the Reds play the Cubs at Wrigley Field. He managed to catch a foul ball!

The next day Sailor Babo went to the Art Institute of Chicago. He posed with a sculpture outside the museum.

Then he went inside and got in a stare-down with some naked lady.

Naked ladies were everywhere! Sailor Babo wears nothing but a hat, so he didn’t think this was all that shocking.

Sailor Babo had a poster of this painting when he was in college.

After the museum, Sailor Babo met up for drinks with a bear named Hank. Hank has his own Twitter account.

Sailor Babo drove home on Sunday. He was forced to have this picture taken at a rest area. He didn’t think it was funny at all.

Sailor Babo eventually made it home. He was so worn out from his Chicago adventures that he went straight to bed.

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13 Responses to Sailor Babo has adventures in Chicago!

  1. amyhftw says:

    What a great weekend! I’d be exhausted, too! Glad you had a wonderful time, Babo!

  2. homebody says:

    SB98122 is glad to see the Sailor Babo having so much fun. He really wanted to be there! (I think he’s particularly disappointed about missing the naked ladies at the art museum.)

    • M-----l says:

      There was also a funny painting of a man wearing a shirt without any pants. I took a picture of it, but Sailor Babo decided he didn’t want to get in that one.

  3. Lauri says:

    Love this post! Love Chicago and the Bean and the art institute and SB’s outrage over the “Pet Area”.
    SB is comfy with only a hat. If only we could all just walk around in our flannel.

  4. Lurkertype says:

    LTSB is planning for his trip to the same town. He’s been reading the local paper on his tablet. He’s glad to hear the city is welcoming to Babos.

  5. MM Curator says:

    I’m glad he didn’t get blown away in the Windy City! Looks like he had a great time (except for the rest area, LOL). I love the Art Institute! I’ve observed that Babos believe their natural, unclothed state is a thing of beauty so it’s no surprise SB was totally comfy with the nudity. 😀 Did he manage to have any cookies during his visit?

  6. How fun! I want to go to Chicago

  7. I’m glad Babo had so much fun in Chicago. That mirror looks like a giant drop of water! So cool! Did Babo say something to the man in the blue shirt? Like, “to the left” or something? Hank looks cute, and totally wasted. 🙂
    Great pics, I like them all (that includes the coconut cake, too; did he share?).

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