Sailor Babo welcomes Power Babo and Little Pinkish Babo!


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12 Responses to Sailor Babo welcomes Power Babo and Little Pinkish Babo!

  1. Laurie says:

    Very cool! I think little pinkish Babo looks kind of apprehensive. It’s okay little dude, we’re all friends here.

  2. AIEEEE! Did M—–l go to Comic-Con? Uglydolls was selling Power Babo at their booth, and my daughter reported that he was selling at an outrageous price. I’m soooo jealous!

  3. mmcurator says:

    How did you get Power Babo so fast?! Did you go to Comic Con? Our SB is anxiously awaiting the arrival of our Power Babo!!

  4. Lauri says:

    Wow. Just wow. Welcome Power Babo and little pinkish Babo!

  5. Eve Wong says:

    Power Babo is adorable! Congrats! So is the tiny hot pink Bo! My Babos are jealous!

  6. homebody says:

    Power Babo flew express from a Comic Con attendee, via the magic of eBay, in honor of M—–l’s upcoming birthday. Pinkish Babo came from Lands’ End, of all places.

  7. phantomxii says:

    Holy chocolate chip cookies! Power Babo is a very imposing figure indeed! I don’t think I’d want to get on his bad side!

  8. Lurkertype says:

    Power Babo is amazing!

    Little Pink Babo isn’t wearing anything… what sort of school uniform is that? o_O

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