Sailor Babo opens for Cheap Trick!

This must be the place!

Sailor Babo warms up the crowd!

…two hours later…

Sailor Babo has tinnitus!

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14 Responses to Sailor Babo opens for Cheap Trick!

  1. Ooh, I wonder if I still have Cheap Trick at Budokan in my old record box. Can Robin Zander still sing falsetto, Sailor Babo?

  2. Laurie says:

    I never knew he played guitar! SB has hidden talents.

  3. mmcurator says:

    Too cute!! Tell him to be wary of groupies though! And I hope he was paid in cookies.

  4. homebody says:

    Did Sailor Babo keep a set list? Was there an opening band? Do tell!

    • M-----l says:

      Sailor Babo was the opening act. Here’s his setlist:

      1. Somebody’s Babo
      2. Here Comes My Babo
      3. If I Had a Boat
      4. Babo, I Love Your Way
      5. Come Sail Away
      6. Babo O’Riley

  5. phantomxii says:

    I will refrain from comment about the activities of the fuzzy-headed gentleman visible immediately behind Sailor Babo.

    *cough* DORK *cough*

  6. Lurkertype says:

    Sailor Babo rocks!

  7. I love his guitar!

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