The Sydney Opera House

Babo at the opera house

The problem I have with Babo is that he’s so small that it’s hard to take photo’s of him in front of big things. If I use my Olympus it wants to focus on him or the thing so one of them ends up blurry so I use my phone camera which requires holding him out in one hand and trying to hold my phone in the other hand by the sides with a thumb and finger while trying to press the shutter with another finger. It usually ends up with me pushing the video button by mistake and swearing a lot.


Here is Babo at the Opera House (he’s being a bit Where’s Wally due to his height restriction) but he was pretty impressed by it.

As was I,  I’ve never really paid much attention to it before. More photos here if you’re interested.


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Well I still enjoy an episode or ten of Buffy. Cat from Vox in a previous life.
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12 Responses to The Sydney Opera House

  1. Lauri says:

    I love the Where’s Wally!
    He should be impressed! I am, too!

    • Jane says:

      He’s just so tiny to put somewhere. I either think he’s about to blow away or be stepped on. He was certainly dwarfed by the opera house.

  2. Sailor Babo, I didn’t know you were an opera fan! Did you listen to a performance, or were you just there to see the opera house?

    When I shoot a photo of Sailor Babo in front of a large object, I usually back far away from the building, fountain, ship, whatever, until I can get most of it, or the main point of interest, in the frame of the viewfinder. Then I hold Sailor Babo at arm’s length from the camera in front of the building. I keep my point-and-shoot Canon PowerShot at the automatic setting, unless we’re indoors and need a little more opening and timing of the apeture. Then we set the camera to the “Indoors” or “Night” setting. I really haven’t had to do that very often, however. But Sailor Babo is a very obliging model. He’s always cheery and he likes waving at people.

    • Jane says:

      Nah, we were just lurking about. We were walking past to get to the Botanical Gardens and we went past on the ferry to get to Manly.

      We always seem to be places on windy days near water so I’m worried he’s going to blow away. I usually keep a bit of blu tak on his tag but it must have fallen off.

  3. mmcurator says:

    He looks so teeny and fragile on those steps! And adorable, of course. 😀

  4. M-----l says:

    …and later that night Sailor Babo appeared in a performance of Rossini’s The Babo of Seville!

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