Sailor Babo wakes up with a view

AmyH had the bright idea of staying overnight at The View hotel, a fairly new hotel and the only place to stay within the Monument Valley tribal park on the Navajo Nation.

It was sold out for last night when she called earlier in the week but hoped there would be a cancellation. She called yesterday morning and yes! One room available.

Sailor Babo needed the flash for this photo because of the shadows on the balcony. Yep, this is our view.

Sailor Babo has made the best of having to drive and not fly for this vacation.

just before sunrise

just before sunrise

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3 Responses to Sailor Babo wakes up with a view

  1. amyhftw says:

    Oops, there was no flash as noted above. I had to edit the post from last night because it never went through. That pic wasn’t great. He’ll get a better shot when we go down closer.

  2. Lauri says:

    Neat photo, though! The Babo silhouette is awesome!

  3. But it catches the feeling of sunset so well!

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