Sailor Babo misses an opportunity!

I recently went down to the Hyde Park Art Show to wander around and look at the art.  I’m sorry to say that I forgot to take Sailor Babo with me.  It’s really a shame, as I saw a fully functional, Babo-sized Ferris Wheel.  It had a little motor and was going round and round.  It seemed to be calling out for a Sailor Babo to sit in it (at least it seemed that way to me).  Here it is off in the distance:

Of course, even if I’d had Sailor Babo with me, I probably wouldn’t have asked the artist* if I could sit SB on his Ferris Wheel.  I don’t know any artists who work in metals, but I’m guessing that having people sit stuffed toys on their work is probably an insult.

It occurs to me now that this post doesn’t have any pictures of Sailor Babo in it.  Strangely enough, I don’t have any new Sailor Babo pictures to share.  I do, however, have a picture of three Babos and a cow.  It’ll have to do.

[* = Ryan Slattery of Slappy’s Creations]

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13 Responses to Sailor Babo misses an opportunity!

  1. Lauri says:

    Oh that Ferris Wheel is fantastic! All of the Babo-ists should converge on that guy with their Babos at the same time and beg him for a ride.

    (I probably wouldn’t have asked him, either). I love the three Babos and a cow.

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  3. Lurkertype says:

    The Babo cookie jar is so delightfully self-referential.

    I think an artist with a sense of humor wouldn’t have minded SB, if it was explained in context. This blog is kind of an art project.

    How fun would it be to have all the seats filled with Uglys?! And wonderfully surreal if they were all SB.

    LTSB wants to object to being referred to as a “stuffed toy.” He says “I am not a toy, I am a free Ugly!” I think he’s been watching “The Prisoner”; our copy is on the shelf right behind him.

    • M-----l says:

      The Ferris Wheel full of Sailor Babos would have blown my mind.

      I apologize for my use of the derogatory “stuffed toy”. I can’t remember who it was, but somebody around here came up with a better term. It was “felt Americans” or something like that. I probably should’ve used that, but I was just trying to see things from the metal artist’s perspective. He probably would’ve seen SB and thought of him as a stuffed toy instead of the unique little fella we know and love.

      • Lurkertype says:

        The proper term, as related by me, is “Fabric-American”. (Except for Laurie’s, who is a Fabric-Canadian).

        I agree that the artist probably would have considered him just a toy.

        But honestly, how cool would it have been to have every seat occupied by a Sailor Babo?

  4. The red Melitta cone on the Babo mug’s head reminds me of a giant Mad Hatter’s top hat. Which Cookie Babo greatly admires.

    • M-----l says:

      I also thought it looked like a top hat…a top hat full of boiling water and coffee grounds. Babo Mug doesn’t seem to mind, though. He appears to be rubbing his ceramic belly with delight.

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