Sailor Babo Goes to Cincinnati’s Coney Island!

Hooray! Sailor Babo is going to Cincinnati’s very own Coney Island! It’s a small amusement park near the Ohio River. Sailor Babo has learned the land has been used for recreation and amusements since the 1800s! But now he just wants to go inside and have some fun.

Before he does too much walking, Sailor Babo wants some carnival food!

This is the biggest funnel cake Sailor Babo has ever seen! But he bets he can still eat the whole thing.

Happily full of food, Sailor Babo sets out strolling. Look at the little Fiat on display! It’s so small, Sailor Babo thinks he could drive it himself.

Now let’s get to the good part—the rides! First, let’s make sure Sailor Babo is tall enough.

Oh dear.

Well, if he can’t go on the rides, he can certainly play games! Sailor Babo’s attention is caught by a crowd of his stuffed brethren caught in a display case. “I’ll get you out!” he says. But it’s very difficult getting that claw thing to cooperate. Dagnabbit!

Eventually Sailor Babo decides those toys are going to have to find their own way out. He wants to play skee-ball. Wow! He’s good at it! Look at all the tickets he’s won!

Sailor Babo wants to redeem his tickets for something fun. What about that wacky hand toy? The nice man gets it for him.

So how does this toy work? Sailor Babo thinks you just give it a good flip with your wrist, and…

Well, after all that excitement, Sailor Babo is hungry again. He makes short work of a dish of soft serve from the nearby ice cream stand.

As he walks by the roller coaster, Sailor Babo thinks it’s just as well he’s not tall enough to ride. It looks scary! He decides those people riding it are crazy.

It’s been a fun day, but Sailor Babo is getting tired. Time to follow the exit sign and head home!

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16 Responses to Sailor Babo Goes to Cincinnati’s Coney Island!

  1. M-----l says:

    “Unable to Ride” immediately goes into the list of Top Ten Sailor Babo Pictures of All-Time. Or it would if such a list actually existed.

    Well done, Mr. S. Phantom XII.

  2. LOL! I love this! The lady at the Funnel Cake stand apparently thinks Sailor Babo is the strangest customer she’s had in a while. And that photo of Sailor Babo with the rubbery hand reminds me of the time I tried to play with some cat toy, a rubber ball on a long strand of elastic. I think the cat got more joy out of seeing me get hit in the chops.

  3. I also really like the “Unable to Ride” shot. I suppose the sticky hand (facepalm-esque) shot could be put right after that one if you didn’t have such a good story already done. 🙂
    I’m glad you guys had fun!

  4. Jane says:

    So thats a funnel cake. My husband just came back from the US and was saying there were these funnel cakes everywhere. They’re not like I imagined.

    • phantomxii says:

      You’re sure it wasn’t funnel clouds? Because our weather’s been pretty screwed up over here. 🙂

      Wikipedia sayeth that the name comes from the use of a funnel to dispense batter into the hot oil. Sounds right to me.

      • Jane says:

        Lol, well he got to miss some of our winter so he wasn’t complaining about the weather. I was sort of imagining the cakes to be more pancake and not so cake cake.

  5. Laurie says:

    “Unable to Ride” makes for an awesome scrolldown shot (which I had to do because my laptop screen is short).

    Sailor BabO Canada recommends buying the ice cream first, and then the funnel cake, and putting the soft serve on top of the funnel cake. That’s how he had it in July and it was fine eating.

    • phantomxii says:

      Oh, my. That would be tasty. Especially because those funnel cakes are hot straight out of the fryer!

      I’m glad the scrolldown worked. I was hoping that one (and the hand toy one) would sort of sneak up on people.

  6. Lurkertype says:

    LTSB likes whipped cream or just powdered sugar on his funnel cakes, so this looks fine to him. Huge! And then ice cream after! As good as cookies!

    Sorry he didn’t get to ride or drive, but it looks like he had fun anyway. Hope all the yummy food made up for the literal slap in the face!

    “Unable to Ride” is indeed great.

  7. Lauri says:

    “Unable to ride” made me grin…but “Slap in the face” made me snort! Great shots and what a fun day! 🙂

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