Sailor Babo helps Lavender in her garden

Babo saw that Lavender was going out to the garden to pick some tomatoes for lunch, he decided to go along with her.
There are three kinds of cherry tomatoes and a couple bigger tomato varieties, Babo decides it is a good idea to climb the tomato cages to get a closer look, and to maybe spot some Lavender cant see.
Babo climbs into tomato plants to have a closer look

Here are some Roma Tomatoes, they still have a teeny bit of ripening to do, maybe tomorrow.

These big ones are nearly ready! They are to become tomato sauce

Ohh! Look Lavender! There is another one deep in there!

The color of these are so pretty when they are ripe, Babo thinks they are close to his eye color

Bet you can’t find me!

Babo thinks this cucumber is especially ugly so he likes it the best

Phew!!1 That was lots of work climbing those cages and picking tomatoes. Time for rest and cookies.

What!!! No COokies!!! Only Laundry??? Babo would rather be back in his plastic bag….


About lavendersbluedillydilly

I Love: Photography, cuddling with my husband on the couch, moving string for my cats, eating freshly baked cookies, laughing, singing when nobody is around, striped socks, splashing in mud puddles, watching bad cop shows on TV, blankets on couches, reading books that make me giggle, the smell of rain, and many other wonderful things I am sure.
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8 Responses to Sailor Babo helps Lavender in her garden

  1. M-----l says:

    No matter how many pictures of Sailor Babo I’ve taken or how many posts I’ve read here, it never fails to amaze me how expressive SB’s face can be. I know his features aren’t actually moving, but he always seems to have the appropriate look on his face. It really looks like he’s excited to point out that hidden tomato. He also looks shocked when he finds out there aren’t any cookies. How does he do that?!

  2. Lauri says:

    The tomatoes look wonderful! And the look on Babo’s face at the cucumber is heelarious!
    Nice trip through the garden! 🙂

  3. Lurkertype says:

    For being a Sailor, Lavender and I have found him to be very good at agriculture.

  4. homebody says:

    Oh, he looks so happy in the gentle light among the tomato bushes!

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