Sailor Babo goes to Reno for Worldcon!

LTSB has heard about road trips from HGSB. He thought they sounded fun.  LT told him some parts are pretty dull, but during the boring parts, we get our favorite snacks!

road trip!

Wow, HG and HGSB weren’t kidding about how dull the Central Valley is.


Reno, baby!

here we go!

LT and LTSB get bored and artsy.


Our first round of snacks. The LT’s never road trip without Goldfish.

more snacks!

Babo has his own preferences, of course.

as promised

LTSB’s never seen pine trees and mountains like this. The LT’s grew up in an area a lot like this, though.

pine trees!

There’s still snow on the mountains, in August!

mountains and snow

SB and the LT’s aren’t impressed with the room decor in the Peppermill.

really, Peppermill?

But never mind, we’ve got five days of convention to see!

program guide

Dr. Demento is a special guest! Babo got to see his show live!

Dr. Demento!

Absolutely everyone and everything is here. Babo takes the Iron Throne!

The Iron Throne

After a couple of days of attending panels and exhibits, LT and LTSB need a break to study the program and have a beverage. There was a bar right in the exhibition hall, near the dealer’s room and art show!

need a break

A big part of the convention is making new friends who have the same interests as you:

new friend

And another is meeting up with old friends.

old friend

There was a shuttle bus between the convention center and the LT’s hotel. Sometimes there was a wait.

“Look at the temperature and dryness! I forgot my sunscreen! I hope the bus comes soon.”

bus stop

After the con was over, the LT’s and friends stuck around, but they changed to a much nicer and more fun hotel.

Circus Circus view view

The room art was more cheerful.

a little better

But Babo felt sorry for some other Fabric-Americans.

poor guys

This is the closest SB got to the gambling. LT said it wasn’t appropriate, and she knew of better things.

not allowed

These vending machines were all over. “But what about cookies?!” LTSB asked.

candy! why not cookies?

Ooooh, Sailor Babo’s heard the LT’s talking about buffets, how you can get anything you want and eat as much as you want. This should be fun!

Sailor Babo's first buffet

Look what LT got on just her first  trip!

LT's first round

JACKPOT!!! A whole cookie station!

NOW we're talking!

None of the hair ornaments really worked for him.

not quite

Circus Circus has a monorail. LT really liked that, as the other hotel and the convention involved a lot of walking.


A wedding chapel in a hotel. A bit beyond Sailor Babo’s ken. But he’s seen many eye-opening things in Reno.


It’s good to be going home, though.

going home

But you can even learn history on the road!

rest stop info

Sailor Babo regrets that he couldn’t show you the art show (Boris Vallejo was Guest of Honor). And LT didn’t bring him along when she was talking to her friends who won Hugos, so he didn’t get to see how beautiful the awards are this year. He hasn’t taken inventory of the new books LT came home with, either, but it was plenty.

In conclusion, Sailor Babo quotes, “In the Game of Thrones, you either win or you die.” The photo below represents both. It was the last one before LT’s camera died (she had to borrow one for the rest of the con), and he’s won.

I am King of Westeros! Or Uglytown!

“I’m King of the Sailor Babos!”


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17 Responses to Sailor Babo goes to Reno for Worldcon!

  1. mariser says:

    what an epic adventure!
    glad everyone had a great time with friends old and new.

    • Lurkertype says:

      I’m glad you liked it. It took me HOURS to get this post up, between getting the photos from the 2 cameras into my laptop, then sorting through and cutting it down to “only” this many, then uploading and inserting into my narrative.

      But they’re all in order except the last one! That really is what SB and I did. Of course, I had a lot more experiences without him.

      That was the best damn omelet I’ve ever had, BTW.

      Of course you can click to embiggen to ridiculous sizes.

  2. M-----l says:

    This is an awesome post (and possibly the longest ever). My particular favorite is Sailor Babo on the Iron Throne. I’m surprised you were allowed to sit him up there. Weren’t there some knights around guarding the thing? I hope LTSB didn’t get any snags on the throne’s sharp ends.

    • Lurkertype says:

      I knew you’d like that part. Everyone was allowed to sit on it, and I think the whole con did. It’s not really pointy. I have a crappy cell phone picture of GRRM sitting on it surrounded by fans.

      It was going to be about 10 pictures longer (SB took a lot of photos at Circus Circus) but I realized how long it was getting, plus a few of the photos had no general interest, just authors I like.

      Nobody minded Babo anywhere. A lady waited for me to finish the Iron Throne pics, and the guy in the scarf I’ve never seen before or since but he didn’t bat an eye at posing.

  3. Aussie Emjay says:

    This is terrific – so much fun. LOL @ the fabric-Americans – at least they are smiling. I love SB sitting on the throne 🙂

  4. mariser says:

    +10 for Dr. Demento
    +5 for Strongbow cider (yum)
    +20 for bearded fellow with Dr. Who scarf

    …(some of us want to see author pictures)

    • Lurkertype says:


      I see Bear at every con, which is more often than I have cider. We have Dr. Who scarves of our own. But seeing Dr. D was quite the thrill.

      Author pics are split between my camera and Mr. LT’s so will take a bit to organize. He posted a few on G+

  5. mariser says:

    +100 for fellow Fabric-American Kuma Bear

  6. Yay! I’m glad the LTs and Sailor Babo had such a great time! I’m sure everyone was understanding about SB sitting on the Iron Throne because you’re all there for the same reason—you love Science Fiction and Fantasy. (Though frankly I wouldn’t have sat there: it looks dangerous and pointy.)

    I’m not wild for Dr. Demento only because I’ve seen far too much of him at conventions, trade shows and their ilk. He graduated from Reed College, my older daughter’s and son-in-law’s alma mater, and apparently appears there every year for the reunions. I associate him mainly with Napoleon XiV’s “They’re Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!”

    I give awesome points to the guy with the Dr. Who scarf (want one!) who posed with Sailor Babo. There’s a man with a sense of dignity. And humor.

    Yeah, the Central Valley is a huge *yawn.* Between Sacramento and Placerville, it’s just a relentless series of dry yellow fields and truck stops and fast food joints. I think I would like going to that casino just for the buffet, though I get distracted by the shiny games too. Slot machines however are a huge waste of time—I can understand why my mother can just sit in front of one all day and pull the handle, but for any sane adult, it’s as mindless as a Jerry Lewis film festival. (Unless you’re French, of course.) I’d rather play the blackjack tables, even if it meant losing big.

    • Lurkertype says:

      Dr. D stuck strictly to the sci-fi portion of his oeuvre, and there were many delightful sing-alongs. It turns out he was also a great friend of Frank Zappa and gave a thoughtful and erudite talk about FZ’s life and career which was SRO. At breakfast one morning, we overheard him talking to his table-mates about hip-hop, and he knows that too. He really is a serious music historian.

      So many people have Fabric-American friends that nobody bats an eye. I noticed the guy walking through the dealers’ room and commended him on his fortitude to wear a giant scarf in 90+ degree weather. He said some of the rooms were so highly air-conditioned that it came in useful! Then I took out SB and asked him to pose and there they are.

      I’ll tell you a secret: the Iron Throne is really fiberglass or cast resin. All the edges are smoothed down, so while it’s certainly lumpy, it’s not pointy. And I’m sure that’s just the publicity tour Iron Throne, not the one they use to make the TV show, which I’m sure is more detailed. I believe this one was at Comic-Con a couple months back. So Babo and I had no fear of sitting on it. (He sat there first, of course)

      It was great for his self-esteem. He doesn’t get to travel as much as the other Sailor Babos, so meeting writers and being the only SB to sit on the Iron Throne meant a lot to him. He’s hoping the other SBs are a little jealous.

      • I showed this to HG Sailor Babo and he was miffed. “How come you don’t take me to conventions like this?” he asked. “Because you’d be bored to death listening to people read papers on the post-colonial conundrum of comparative literature, or the political metaphors in Eliot’s “Murder in the Cathedral.'”

        “Whaaat? I just wanna sit on a big chair made of swords, like LT Sailor Babo. Man, he got the props.”

        • Lurkertype says:

          Ha! That’s exactly what LTSB wanted. This was his only road trip, and he’s never been far from home like HGSB or as well-traveled as SBAZ or BabOCanada or M—l and Homey’s.

          The presentations he sat through talked about lasers, and time-travel, and magic, and we skipped the scholarly paper presentations entirely. He was kinda bored with the awards ceremony, though I liked it, and the costume competition was lovely.

          There’s going to be a pretty good con in Sacto in 2 years so LTSB graciously says he’ll show HGSB the ropes. “But there won’t be any throne! I’m still King of the Babos, right? Yay!”

  7. Lurkertype says:

    On the topic of Sailor Babo as narrative device, which HG mentioned some time ago:

    Carrying the little guy around does change your point of view. It was fun seeing the con and the casino through his eyes; a little wide-eyed yellow-eyed perspective on things. You notice different details. I’ve been to Worldcons before, and to Vegas which is like Reno on steroids, but thinking of them from his viewpoint gave me new ideas.

    When we got to the rest stop, we left everything in the car while using the facilities, but then I came out and saw the equipment and rock and said to Mr. LT “Is this a Babo op?” and he said yes. So I fetched SB and the camera.

  8. Lauri says:

    It IS so fun to see everything through the Babo’s eyes! Wonderful post, LT and what fun for you and Mr. LT and SBLT!

  9. robpixaday says:

    Sailor Babo is a superposter!!!
    Sounds and looks like a truly wonderful trip!

    Love this: Fabric-Americans


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