Sailor Babo lifts weights!

Here’s the third and final post in the Sailor Babo Gets Fit! series.  In case you missed it, Sailor Babo did pull-ups on Friday and ran a race on Saturday.  Today he’s going to lift weights with his friend Wage.

Sailor Babo decides he wants to lift weights! He meets up with his friend Wage to get some tips on proper technique. Wage is the best at weight lifting because he has long arms and opposable thumbs that help him grip the bar. And he's got an apron to help him wipe off the sweat. "This is how you do it," says Wage.

"Ta-da!" Wage lifts the bar over his head! He has perfect form and achieves full extension! "That looks easy," says Sailor Babo. "Let me try!"

Sailor Babo gets the bar halfway up and gets stuck. Maybe he shouldn't have tried to lift 4 canned nuts lids and 4 chocolate powder lids all at once! Maybe he should've started off with 1 lid on each side. "Hmmmpppff!"

Oh no! Sailor Babo collapses under the weights! He's one tough cookie, but that's gotta hurt!

Sailor Babo ices his back.

Speaking of cookies, Sailor Babo miraculously heals as soon as Wage brings in the post-workout cookies. Sailor Babo didn't complete a single rep, but he still wants his share!

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18 Responses to Sailor Babo lifts weights!

  1. Lauri says:

    Lol! An ice cube on his back!

    Better luck next time, SB!
    Way to go, Wage!

    I’m still trying to decide which Ugli to adopt!

    • sailorbabo says:

      There’s a new Ugly called Dave Darinko. I haven’t met him yet, but I think he’s got a cool look. Maybe you could adopt him?

      I also think Nandy Bear is kinda cute.

    • I really like the little vinyl action-figure uglydolls. They sell the whole set of them for $120—in their own carrying case!—but that seems a little steep. I might just go to the hipster toy store downtown and look for a baby Babo.

      Wage looks like he’s wearing a Sumo thong or those tiny stretchy things that Russian weightlifters wear. Except they always look like they’re about to pop out of their clothes when they pick up the bells. Wage looks more relaxed.

      • M-----l says:

        The vinyl Babo figurine came in the first series (of 3). That first series was a blind box series so you never knew which one you were getting. The second two series featured clear panels on the front of the box so you could see who was inside. So it’s pretty hard to find a Babo unless somebody is selling a used one…or you want to buy 9 before you get a Babo.

        I used to have some extra vinyl Babos but I gave them to Homebody and my brother. I’ll see if I have another one sitting around for you. I bought a lot from that first series.

      • Aw well. Thanks for thinking of it. I think I saw a couple at Green Apple Books in San Francisco. I’ll try there next time I’m in town.

  2. Lurkertype says:

    Start smaller and have Wage spot you next time, SB. At least the neighbors didn’t see this.

    I think Ox was the first Ugly I saw in the wild, years ago. I didn’t have any money to spare when I saw him.

    • sailorbabo says:

      Good advice.

      I’m glad it was rainy today. Otherwise, Wage and I would’ve lifted weights outside and all the neighbors I impressed with my pull-ups would’ve seen me fall over.

      I’m friends with a couple Oxes. They’re good guys.

  3. Lauri says:

    I like this.
    “Dave Darinko is a natural born leader. He’s the one you want on your side when you’re about to face the music. And when you do face the music, he’s the guy who knows where the volume knob is. Does that make sense? Anyway, Dave gives you the thumbs up. He knows that you know he knows you know. “

  4. Lauri says:

    Dave Durenko sounds like a Russian spy.

  5. phantomxii says:

    The whole thing is funny, but the cookies are the kicker.

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