Sailor Babo & the Lavenders have such a big adventure that we had to change the format of this post so that it’s not 12 feet long!


About lavendersbluedillydilly

I Love: Photography, cuddling with my husband on the couch, moving string for my cats, eating freshly baked cookies, laughing, singing when nobody is around, striped socks, splashing in mud puddles, watching bad cop shows on TV, blankets on couches, reading books that make me giggle, the smell of rain, and many other wonderful things I am sure.
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16 Responses to Sailor Babo & the Lavenders have such a big adventure that we had to change the format of this post so that it’s not 12 feet long!

  1. LBeeeze says:

    I bet Sailor Babo was really tired after that adventure.

    So many really cool photos!!

  2. lurkertype says:

    Gosh, Mr. Lavender is as dreamy as advertised. You two are a good-looking couple.

    I can’t decide which is my favorite photo, there are so many great ones!

    Glad you guys had such a good time.

  3. I don’t suffer from arachnophobia (well, maybe a little), but that hay spider has to be the scariest-looking photo I’ve seen Sailor Babo in so far. Even without Mt. Rainier in the background.

    (They’ve been saying that for years, the buried in mud and ashes like Pompeii thing, to the point where I don’t think anyone takes it seriously anymore. Then again, my relatives in Portland were astonished when they found their car covered in ash after Mt. St. Helens blew. Not that they sold their house and moved to Iowa, though.)

  4. lurkertype says:

    I love that you took the time to get a nice picture of Sailor Babo at each and every possible photo op. And the light was perfect that day. Babo can keep it from raining!

  5. lurkertype says:

    BTW, this post was the last thing I looked at before going to bed. I had a dream that the Uglys got their own theme park.

    It was magical.

    • M-----l says:

      The Uglies already have their own theme park. It’s called my house.

      • lurkertype says:

        It was like your house, only there were roller coasters and merry-go-rounds, and Uglies walking around. People-sized Uglies. Not people in suits, actual Uglydolls somehow. I posed for a photo with a 5.5 foot tall Ox.

        And you could buy all the Ugly-related stuff you wanted,plus of course junk food and Babo-Cookies.

        I was disappointed when I woke up and it wasn’t real.

      • M-----l says:

        Did you ever see this Babo? I saw him in the window of a children’s bookstore.

  6. Kzinti says:

    Wow! So much to see and do. This just wore me out looking through these adventure photos.

  7. capnstephel says:

    How fun! That must have been the biggest adventure for him yet. 😀

  8. phantomxii says:

    This is freakin’ awesome. Sailor Babo must be exhausted.

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