Sailor Babo hangs out in the cemetery!



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I Love: Photography, cuddling with my husband on the couch, moving string for my cats, eating freshly baked cookies, laughing, singing when nobody is around, striped socks, splashing in mud puddles, watching bad cop shows on TV, blankets on couches, reading books that make me giggle, the smell of rain, and many other wonderful things I am sure.
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16 Responses to Sailor Babo hangs out in the cemetery!

  1. M-----l says:

    Homey just pointed out the dates on the tombstone. I wrote “spooky”, but now I think I should’ve said “creepy”.

  2. crankypants says:

    ooooohh that is spooky!
    and baby graves are always so sad. 😦

  3. the baby ones were really sad, that is why Sailor Babo came out, to make us feel better. He is a cheery little monster

  4. Lauri says:


    Excellent picture and wonderful creepiness! Don’t be scared, SB, they are friendly spirits!

  5. homebody says:

    The grave is very sad, but I like the idea of Sailor Babo as a cheering presence for a little spirit.

    I love the colors, ghostly little images, and the shadows on Babo’s face. It’s a beautiful photo composition.

  6. LBeeeze says:

    I agree. Sailor Baboo is very cheery and he makes life better. 😛

  7. I’m surprised that the family would erect such an ornate headstone over a baby’s grave. She must have been dearly loved.

    I’ll bet she enjoyed having Sailor Babo visit!

  8. mariser says:

    very Halloweenie. I hope Norman Morrison enjoys Sailor Babo’s visit.

    threadjack: to m-dashes – I have some pics of SB in KY. can you please send your email to mariser(at)gmail?
    another question: do you prefer pics to be attached to an email or sent as a link (to flickr for example)? whatever is your preference.


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