Sailor Babo makes old-fashioned apple cider!

Sailor Babo goes to the historic Meeker Mansion for the Cider Squeeze. Ezra Meeker came here and settled by way of the Oregon Trail, and thus our farming community was started.

They gave us a bucket of fresh apples of all sorts of varieties. It was busy even though it was quite dreary.

Sailor Babo stayed under the umbrella with Lavender.

The cider press is over 100 years old. Lavender feeds apples into the opening above Sailor Babo while Mr. L helps him grind them into a pulp!

Next is the squeeze part. Sailor Babo cranks the wheel and it presses the juice out of all the apples. The cider pours into a bucket down below.

Cider!!!! Lavender finished off all this cider before the next Sunday. Sailor Babo thinks she may have a drinking problem!

Apple Fritter!?!?! Sailor Babo is disappointed in the lack of apples in this fritter. Oh well, everything can't be as tasty as the cider.


About lavendersbluedillydilly

I Love: Photography, cuddling with my husband on the couch, moving string for my cats, eating freshly baked cookies, laughing, singing when nobody is around, striped socks, splashing in mud puddles, watching bad cop shows on TV, blankets on couches, reading books that make me giggle, the smell of rain, and many other wonderful things I am sure.
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12 Responses to Sailor Babo makes old-fashioned apple cider!

  1. M-----l says:

    I can’t believe you cropped out Mr. L. This was his one chance at internet fame. Boo!

  2. LBeeeze says:

    Good work, Sailor Babo!!!

    Just between you and me, I also think Lavender may have a cider drinking problem too, but I don’t think we need to worry too much cause Mr. L is sure to have an intervention when the time is right. OMGosh….I bet you’ll be there when it happens. Gaaaaah….be sure and keep notes.

    Lovely photos!!!

  3. Kzinti says:

    Mmmm… I think my tummy definitely approves of this Sailor Babo outing.

  4. lurkertype says:

    I’m so glad to see Sailor Babo has apple experience. I’m going to have him help pick ours this weekend.

  5. crankypants says:

    awwww cute! (and it’s nice to see Lavender in front of the camera for a change!)

  6. capnstephel says:

    Fun! ::waves at Lavender:: Hiiii!
    I’m glad Sailor Babo didn’t get mixed up in the apples. I bet it smelled really good 😀

  7. amyhftw says:

    The photos are beautiful! I want cider!

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