Sailor Babo’s Surprise Sunday Peepmeet Adventure

[Editor’s Note: Sailor Babo’s been having so many adventures around the world that we’ve got a backlog!  This one should’ve been posted yesterday, but we couldn’t post it then because we’d already made it look like Sailor Babo was picking corn 2,500 miles away from where this adventure took place.  We had to at least give him enough time to go from Washington State to Toronto.  It’s important to stay realistic with these things!

This is the final part in Sailor Babo’s three-part weekend adventure with Laurie.  The following pictures and words are all hers.  Follow these links for the first and second parts in her series.]

Sailor Babo had a peep-meet over brunch! But first, he had to help Laurie finish the special surprise cake. He was a bit concerned when she cut the cake into layers. It wasn't looking entirely like a cake any more. It was looking more sandwichy. And what kind of frosting is that?

Oho, peanut butter frosting and jelly! It IS a sandwich cake! Laurie explained it's for a friend who had a birthday recently and who used to always take PB & J sandwiches to work every single day. This is the perfect cake for him to take to work.

Sailor Babo admired the realistic look of the filling, and then he and Laurie went out to meet her friend for brunch. For once, Sailor Babo got to meet a new peep without being stuffed in an envelope or a box and put in the mail. Yay!

And who's our mystery peep shaking Sailor Babo's hand? Can't you guess by the crotch shot? It's former Voxer David BoBavid who was in town for a wedding this weekend! Babo, meet Bobavey. Bobavey, meet Babo. Bobavey doesn't like his photo taken nearly as much as Sailor Babo does, but he enjoyed hearing about Sailor Babo's travels. And he enjoyed getting the cake to take back to Ottawa and share with his co-workers.

If you were wondering, that brown stuff on Bobavey’s hand in the photo
isn’t chocolate, it’s henna.  All the women at one of the pre-wedding
parties were getting their hands hennaed and the bride’s mom “made”
him get some.  He knows all his guy friends are going to bust on him
for it, big time.  “I tried to say No,” Bobavey said, “But you know
that s#!+ just doesn’t work for me.”

And Sailor Babo got to hear a short episode of The Bobavids sitcom
right from Bobavey himself:

My parents gave me money for my birthday and my mom said it was
specifically for clothes.  Sometimes she’s subtle and just says, “You
could use some new shoes.”  Other times she says, “Why don’t you buy a
blazer so girls will talk to you?”  And I’m all, “Why don’t you love
me at all?”

Sailor Babo thinks it's a very good thing that Bobavey moved out of the house last year.

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17 Responses to Sailor Babo’s Surprise Sunday Peepmeet Adventure

  1. M-----l says:

    I just noticed that it looks like Sailor Babo has been poked with that big knife in the second picture. Poor Babo!

  2. Laurie says:

    I promise, he remains unharmed. When Bobavey was posing with him, I had to request a pose adjustment, otherwise it would have looked like he was goosing Sailor Babo.

    • M-----l says:

      I also noticed that it sort of looks like Sailor Babo is holding the smaller knife in the same picture. Be careful. He might try to take revenge on all the stabbings and goosings that have been going on. As a long-time sailor, Babo is tougher than he looks. You’d better give him a cookie to get back on his good side.

      (I realized I forgot the word “peepmeet” in the title. I corrected that.)

      • Laurie says:

        “Tougher than he looks” if he’s going to have a pirate adventure with me. Both sous-chefs and pirates need to know how to handle knives.

        I don’t have any cookies in the house, but I am keeping him happy with pound cake.

  3. That cake is amazing, looks SO yummy!!! So has Sailor Babo changed his preference for cookies to PB&J Cake?

  4. mariser says:

    Other times she says, “Why don’t you buy a
    blazer so girls will talk to you?” And I’m all, “Why don’t you love
    me at all?”

    ye gods. I’d forgotten how good “The Bobaveys” are.
    [waves at Bobavid]

  5. capnstephel says:

    That sandwich cake is the size of Sailor Babo!

  6. AmyH says:

    I do miss Adventures of the Bobavids. That was some pretty funny stuff.

    Of course, I miss Bobavey, too. So glad Sailor Babo got to meet him!

  7. Lauri says:

    This is simply awesome!
    Excellent cake, classic crotch shot, Life with the Bobaveys and Sailor Babo!

    It’s got everything!

  8. lurkertype says:

    [this is good] OMG, when I scrolled down to the crotch shot, I was delighted. I miss Bobavey and his parental sitcom. I didn’t know you were going to see him, Laurie, I would have sent my regards. I think of him every time I see the pancake batter in a spray can. Does he have a kitteh in the man-shun yet?

    Sailor Babo has had the most awesome weekend of his life, I think. He’s really digging Canada.

    • Lauri says:

      Oh my poor eyesight. I thought that said “I miss Bobavey and his parental scrotum.”

      • Laurie says:

        Lauri – I thought that said “scrotum”, too, at first glance.

        Lurker – Bobavey does not have a kitteh yet and it doesn’t sound like he’s going to get one after all. Something about the responsibility. I didn’t leak the visit ahead of time because I wanted to surprise you guys with the crotch shot.

        M-dashes – Yes, Bobavey’s life is quite a lot like the Cathy strip. Fewer shoes and purses, more games and gadget-shopping.

      • lurkertype says:

        LOL! That crotch shot really got to you.

  9. Laurie says:

    Oh, and the cake went over really well at his office today, I heard.

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