Sailor Babo picks corn for the local food bank!

Sailor Babo gets in Lavender's backpack for a day of volunteering.

His box of corn was soon overflowing.

Sailor Babo is hard at work in the corn fields.

After a long day of volunteering, Sailor Babo is rewarded with ice cream!


About lavendersbluedillydilly

I Love: Photography, cuddling with my husband on the couch, moving string for my cats, eating freshly baked cookies, laughing, singing when nobody is around, striped socks, splashing in mud puddles, watching bad cop shows on TV, blankets on couches, reading books that make me giggle, the smell of rain, and many other wonderful things I am sure.
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19 Responses to Sailor Babo picks corn for the local food bank!

  1. crankypants says:

    Babo, you really get around! Yesterday, yoga in Toronto, today, corn picking in Washington!

  2. amyhftw says:

    Good for you, Sailor Babo! Volunteering is a great way to spend a day!

  3. lurkertype says:

    Sailor Babo: works hard, desserts hard.

    Looks like he did this before he went to Toronto, though.

    • M-----l says:

      This is an entirely different Sailor Babo than the one who went to Toronto. I think we’ve got about 7 or 8 Sailor Babo’s floating around. I’ve owned three that I can remember and Homebody has rescued at least a half dozen from various online vendors.

      • sailorbabo says:

        Don’t listen to him, Lurkertype. There’s only one Sailor Babo. Me!

      • lurkertype says:

        I know that, I was just trying to keep the continuity up. Judging from the newspaper article (yay Lavender), this actually was a while back. The previous weekend?

        Last night I was grumbling to myself about not having my own Sailor Babo. I see all these scenarios around here he could help with. I guess I’ll have to wait till he’s done with some other adventures before he’ll come see me. He’s going to miss the LT backyard apple harvest, which is a shame since he’s obviously got agricultural experience.

        A friend of mine goes to thrift stores all the time. I’ll have to put her on Babo alert.

      • M-----l says:

        There are currently two Sailor Babos for sale on eBay, but one of them is a bit pricey at $12.95.

        Or you could just wait until the Australian Sailor Babo makes his way back to the U.S. I’ll make sure he shows up for a visit if you’re still interested. It could be awhile, though. I don’t think he’s even arrived in Australia yet.

      • lurkertype says:

        I need a Sailor Babo by next August at the latest. Maybe he’ll be done with Australia and… is it Thailand or Malaysia? by then.

        Suffering the “joys” of unemployment, I can’t be splashing out money on SB right now. Yet I am looking at eBay.

        That limited edition Giant Sailor Babo for $200 is not going to any of us, that’s for sure.

      • M-----l says:

        Yeah, you’d have to be a crazy person to buy that $200 special-limited-to-50-regular-sized Sailor Babo from Uglycon. A crazy person!


  4. Laurie says:

    He looks very inspired in the corn stalk photo. That’s a great photo.

  5. capnstephel says:

    Yay Lavender and Sailor Babo!

  6. LBeeeze says:

    Oh, no, Sailor Babo!! How’d you get the chocolate off??

  7. We had a great time, and we helped pick over 9,000 pounds of corn for all the local food banks in the area. I also did not think that they were going to use any of what I said in the paper. I was very casual about the answers

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