Sailor Babo crosses the border!

Sailor Babo enjoys the Red Couch of Fabulousness!

And on closer look, it appears he's switched sides and joined the Canadian navy! Any moment now, he'll start learning French!

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15 Responses to Sailor Babo crosses the border!

  1. AmyH says:

    Haha! What’s funny (at least to me) is that my Sailor Babo and I are a stone’s throw from Mexico right now. I don’t want to try and get him back through the border crossing without all the right papers, so we’ll stay on this side for now. Unless Sailor Babo has a few too many tequila shots and gets a wild hair.

  2. M-----l says:

    I think Sailor Babo already knows French. He was speaking French in the comments on the Australia post.

  3. Lauri says:

    Heeheehee! That leetle Canadian flag is SO cute!

    Hooray for the Red Couch of Fabulousness! The Sailor looks right at home.

    (Does he mind being called The Sailor?)

  4. Oooh that is a fancy red couch!

  5. lurkertype says:

    [this is good]

    Babo looks great there.

  6. brownamazon says:

    mariser took pictures of Babo cheering for Team Canada at WEG! Hope she posts them.

  7. LBeeeze says:

    Sailor Babo, I love your taste in couches.

    Oh, Canada….

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