Sailor Babo goes to work!

Sailor Babo greets the office!

Sailor Babo logs in!

Sailor Babo goes for coffee!

Sailor Babo checks out the tune supply!

Babo's tushie!

Sailor Babo uses the copy machine!

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11 Responses to Sailor Babo goes to work!

  1. M-----l says:

    Oh my goodness! Are those Sailor Babo’s buns on the copy machine? That little guy sure is mischievous. Are you sure there wasn’t something extra in the coffee?!

  2. lauriewrites says:

    He’s not a true office worker till we see Sailor Babo stealing office supplies to take home.

  3. Hahahaha!!! The photocopy shot is Hilarious!!!

  4. I’m jealous. Sailor Babo gets to go to work and play with the copy machine. Does he also use the computer for inappropriate non-work purposes?

  5. silverchimes says:

    Moonlight on Diamondhead?

    Was Sailor Babo dancing the hula at work?

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