Sailor Babo paper dolls…and Blue Babo has some adventures.

I recently received a homemade Sailor Babo Paper Doll in the mail.  SBPD came with a speckled feline friend and some Easter eggs.  Homey sent these!
In other news, Blue Babo recently went up to Columbus, OH.  You might think Columbus would be boring, but the town has really improved since the 90s.  We had a fun time there.  Blue Babo drank a beer at the Northstar Cafe…

…and then went to the Columbus Museum of Art where he somehow ended up crammed into the sign.  Tight squeeze!

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I should probably also mention that Peppermint Babo and Brip & Moxy went on the trip.  Here’s the gang back at the hotel after a day out.

So what’s your Babo up to?

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Blue Babo goes to the art museum!

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Blue Babo (and friends!) visits the North Market!

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Blue Babo goes book-shopping in German Village!

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Blue Babo starts on a road trip!

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Brip goes to the Neptune!

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Sailor Babo visits Voodoo Doughnuts!

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Sailor Babo’s Winter Break

Sailor BabO Canada got tired of the cold and snow and went south to Florida for a winter break!  Guess what he did there?

Here’s a hint.


He caught some spring training baseball at the Toronto Blue Jays ballpark in Dunedin!


Play ball!

It was roasty-toasty in the stands, but he was fully prepared.


SPF 30 times 9 innings — I must be good for 270 degrees F!

He also enjoyed some ball park junk food.


No foul balls in my ice cream, please!

But it wasn’t all baseball on his trip.  He also went to a state park to see wading birds, and spotted a roseate spoonbill.


Sailor Babo had a wonderful, warm and relaxed time.  But sadly, all vacations must come to an end…Or do they?


He followed me home — can I keep him?





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Sailor Babo makes another museum visit

Not quite as cool as Sailor Babo’s trip to the Louvre, but SBoB tagged along with the Curator to see the Guerilla Girls exhibition at the BMA.

He was a little afraid of the gorilla masks.



But he did enjoy this parody poster, naughty little guy that he is.

3.jpgHe also had fun in the other modern art galleries.



He hopes to have more museum adventures…and of course, that I’ll be making fresh cookies soon.  😉

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Brip and Moxy have their big day out in Paris!

After resting up while Sailor Babo spent last Friday at the Louvre, Brip and Moxy were ready to have a Parisian adventure on Sarurday.  First they waved goodbye to Babo, who was up in the garret window.

Where’s Babo?


Then they wandered east into the Latin Quarter, where they had heard there was a nice market on Rue Mouffetard.  The market was near closing time and possibly smaller since it was off-season, but the window-shopping was fun.

It’s time for treats!

Next they ambled over to the nearest Roman ruins.

Moxy & Brip visit the Arenes de Lutece

Gosh, these steps are tall!


After having lunch at Shakespeare & Co., they visited Sainte-Chapelle, a lovely, stained glass-filled church.

Oo pretty!

Then it was time to dash home, eat a Monoprix meal with Babo, and get ready for the ballet.  To get to the Opera Bastille, they hopped on the bus.

We’re getting the hang of this bus thing!

They were thrilled to have a front-row seat at this performance, with easy access to the orchestra pit.

We could get used to this!

The ballet performance was wonderful!

On the way home, Moxy spotted an orchestra player on the bus!

It was an exciting day and evening. Brip and Moxy went to bed happy and exhausted.

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