Sailor Babo checks out Frankenbabo!

A.k.a. Bootleg Yeti in progress!

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Sailor Babo wishes you a pie-filled Thanksgiving!

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Sailor Babo checks out the fall colors

Last month, Sailor Babo decided to see how the fall colors were progressing near the Maroon Bells. It was another week or so before the aspen leaves were at their peak, but it was still pretty. Not pictured: him diving into Babo-sized cookies when we went back to Aspen.

Hello from the Maroon Bells!

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Sailor Babo’s Forgotten Getaway!

At the very start of August, Sailor BabO Canada went on a little getaway from the city, and he forgot to post his pictures!  He stayed for a few days near Port Dover, a rural fishing and farming area on the north shore of Lake Erie, a couple of hours’ drive from Toronto.

The little town of Port Rowan was beautified by many decorative red bikes that just needed to be sat on.

Port Rowan red bike

Also in Port Rowan, seafaring stuffie that he is, he found a lighthouse, just his size.

Port Rowan again

A lot of people go birding at the Long Point Bird Observatory.  Sailor Babo was no exception.  He saw lots of bird species! They all posed for a selfie with him!

Long Point birdwatching

After all that sightseeing, Babo need a nice picnic under the trees near his B&B in Normandale.

Picnic near Normandale

He sure wishes it was still August!  Don’t you?

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Sailor Babo contemplates the sea!

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Sailor Babo Goes Camping

Babo and BSG wanted to get back out into the woods, and this time they let AmyH come along.

They all made the short trek east of Phoenix to the Tonto National Forest.


It’s pretty unknown to most Phoenix people, and the campground had been closed this summer due to fire restrictions. Up until this weekend, that is, so they pretty much had the place to themselves.


Let’s set up camp!


Setting up camp is hard! It’s time to relax!

AmyH is starting to suspect this trip was all about BSG and Babo trying out all their solar-powered camping gear.


With camp all set up, it’s time for hiking. And maybe some rock climbing.


Babo finds his line to get up the rock.

We also came across some radio communication towers.


Babo collected some leaves to investigate.


And they also found an old mine shaft. Or is it a bear cave?!


After the hike, Babo decided to kick back with his favorite Arizona camping beer.


Of course, you have to have a campfire! img_6931

Babo wants to make a joke, but this is a family blog.

All in all, a great time in the woods was had by all!

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Sailor Babo’s Eclipse Adventure

The other day, Sailor Babo acquired some funny-looking glasses. For some reason, he couldn’t see anything through them.

Hey! It’s dark in here!

Oh well. Supposedly they would come in handy.

On Monday, Sailor Babo was rudely awakened in the wee hours of the morning and packed up for a trip to Wyoming where he’d be able to put his glasses to use. Unfortunately, the Cap’n was too distracted and didn’t snap a picture of Sailor Babo watching the sun grow smaller and smaller…

…and then made up for it by getting a picture of Sailor Babo with an unusually dark, yet bright moon.

Where’d the sun go?

After witnessing the rare celestial event, Sailor Babo made a quick side trip to see Oregon Trail wagon wheel ruts on the way home.

Why didn’t they sail to Oregon?

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Sailor Babo risks his retinal stitching!

Sailor Babo heard that every hundred years or so the giant orange cookie in the sky gets dark chocolate icing all over it.  He thought that sounded tasty and wanted to check it out.I told him it was dangerous to look at such a tasty cookie without wearing proper safety glasses.  Fortunately, we had a pair nearby.

When the time came, Sailor Babo went outside and stared up at the sun…er, I mean cookie.

Sadly, the giant cookie with dark chocolate icing on it was just out of reach.  Try as he might, Sailor Babo couldn’t get his nubbins around the thing.  And all the reaching made him thirsty.  He went inside to see if the special eclipse sun tea was ready.

It was!

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Sailor Babo and His Very Hard Hike

Sailor Babo, BSG and a friend went off to Colorado to hike a 14er, a mountain peak that stands over 14,000 feet in elevation.

Their chosen mountain, Wetterhorn, stood at 14,015. They started out at 10,700, which made for chilly camping.

This is a technically challenging hike so they didn’t have much opportunity to take photos until they made it to to the top.

BSG and Babo celebrate at the top

Babo and their friend were pretty spent and took their time on the way back down.

“I wonder if I can get a marmot to give me a ride back to camp.”

They finally made it back to camp, where Babo hunkered down by the campfire and rewarded himself with a beer. (This Babo doesn’t have the tag that says he likes cookies. I think he took it off himself because he’d rather have beer.)

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Sailor Babo and Modern Camping

Sailor Babo and his hiking companions awoke in the glorious Colorado sunshine outside of Pagosa Springs. They are on their way to hiking Wetterhorn, a 14er that BSG and Babo haven't summitted yet.

Maybe tomorrow we'll see what they did on the way to the next campsite. Because they certainly didn't send any other updates to AmyH while they are off on their guys trip. *grumble grumble worry worry*

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