Sailor Babo’s annual fall rituals!

We didn’t get many apples this year because of the drought, but a few of them outdid themselves to become the Biggest Apples Ever!


Also, notice his sticker. LTSB had 17 propositions this time. He’s got a great idea, though.

“This is the second time since I’ve lived here that we’ve voted about marijuana. One of these days, it’s going to pass and I’m going to open a COOKIE business! I’ll make so much money off people with munchies!”

Providing he doesn’t eat all the merchandise first, of course.

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SB in NB!

Sailor BabO Canada apologizes for being a month late in posting about his vacation to Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick (NB).  It was a fine place for a stuffie of the sea to visit!

After a flight from Toronto to Moncton, and a drive down to Black’s Harbour, there was the ferry over to Grand Manan.


Off on an adventure!

There were lighthouses to visit:


My little legs have to take me all the way over there?!

Many beaches to comb:


What this beach really needs is a rake!


Did I mention how much walking there was?

Souvenirs of the fishing community.


I swear, this will fit in my suitcase.

Another ferry to another small island!


I’m watching for whales and other marine mammals.

More beach combing!


Do you ever feel like the marine life is watching you back?

And finally, the ferry back to the mainland…


Vacations make me hungry!


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Sailor Babo makes two new friends!

Sailor Babo 98122 is visiting the Cincinnati-based Sailor Babos. Today, he made two new friends!

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Sailor Babo ponders life’s big questions

Baltimore’s been having quite a few thunderstorms, but a few weeks ago we were treated to a double rainbow.


Naturally SBoB wanted to go outside and see it in all its glory.


“Whoa, so magical!  Really makes me think about the big things in life…”


“…like whether there are cookies at the end of the rainbow.”


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Sailor Babo on the Island

Sailor BabO Canada made his annual trip to the Toronto Islands for some summer rest and relaxation, and a little work at the arts retreat there.

First, he relaxed in a Muskoka chair. (It’s only an “Adirondack” on the other side of the border.)

SB big chair

putting my fuzzy feets up!

He did some sentry duty at the writers’ wing of the arts retreat:

SB writers wing 1

Gotta keep them from slacking off

He tried to write a novel of his own:

SB writers wing 2

Excuse me, how do you all reach the keys?

He ran away to join a pirate crew.

SB the pirate life for me

Take it from a sailor, we’ve run aground.

(But it turned out to only be a stage.)

He avoided capture!

not a pokemon

I am not a Pokemon! Nor am I food for one!

And celebrated his escape with a well-earned reward.

SB smores brownie

S’mores brownie for the win!

See you at the island next year, Sailor Babo!


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Sailor Babo sees a Beatle!

Sailor Babo went to see Paul McCartney in concert.  Here he is jamming out to either “Back in the U.S.S.R.” or “Band on the Run.”

sailor babo sees paul mccartneySailor Babo wanted to hear “Yellow Submarine” (obviously), but that’s more of a Ringo song and Paul didn’t play it.

(There’s another Sailor Babo pic in the concert write-up on my other site.)

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Brip goes for popsicles!

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Sailor Babo makes his mark at the Columbus Museum of Art!

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Sailor Babo visits the Palace Theater in Columbus!

He is all ready for some fou du fa fa!

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Sailor Babo goes for donuts!

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